Key Features

  • Learning objectives specify what readers can gain from each chapter
  • Activities promote a critical approach to thinking and practice
  • IIllustrations summarise key areas for diagnosis and referral
  • Learning points summarise the key points covered in each chapter

Table of Contents

Section 1 Management of long-term illness

Part 1 Asthma

1 Prevention and detection
2 Management of the new patient
3 Long-term management
4 Promoting patient involvement

Part 2 Diabetes

5 Prevention and detection
6 Management of the new patient
7 Long-term management
8 Promoting patient involvement

Part 3 Mental health

9 Recognising depression
10 Diagnosis of dementia
11 Assessment and management of dementia
12 Suicide and self harm

Part 4 Gastrointestinal disorders

13 Dyspepsia
14 Irritable bowel syndrome

Section 2 Sexual health

Part 1 Female sexual health

15 Sexually transmitted infections
16 Contraception and unwanted pregnancy I
17 Contraception and unwanted pregnancy II
18 Female sexual dysfunction

Part 2 Male sexual health

19 Male sexual dysfunction
20 Prostate cancer: risk, symptoms and investigation
21 Prostate cancer: grading and staging, screening and treatment

Section 3 Health promotion: cardiovascular disease

22 Coronary heart disease
23 Primary prevention of coronary heart disease
24 Secondary prevention of coronary heart disease
25 Hypertension

Section 4 Finding useful information

26 Recognising the need for information
27 Addressing the information gap
28 Strategies for locating information



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