Once you have mastered the basics, this is the book to further develop your skills to get professional results with this affordable software. Under Philip’s expert guidance you will be taken to the next level, far beyond Element’s basic concepts and skills so you can achieve the optimum results from this powerful package. Philip includes details on how to push Elements to its limits as well as how to manage the digital workflow in general, covering scanner and camera capture techniques, advanced image changes, how to produce darkroom techniques digitally, as well as graphics capabilities and explaining how they all fit together. You will learn how to fix common scanning problems; make the most of dodging and burning-in techniques; adjust images for changes in color balance; set up a color managed workflow and much, much more!

Key Features

* Provides tips from the pros, to advance your Elements skills beyond the basics * Step-by-step, highly illustrated, color tutorials show you what can be achieved * Full coverage of the workflow involved, includes essential skills for digital cameras and web work


Digital photographers or amateur digital camera owners using Photoshop Elements who want to develop their skills. Students learning digital imaging as part of their art/media/photography courses.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - The Next Level A true photographer’s tool Elements basics Importing photos Basic organization Changing a picture’s orientation Cropping and straightening Spreading your image tones Ridding your pictures of unwanted color casts Applying some sharpening Saving your images Basic Elements workflow Chapter 2 – Scanner and Camera Techniques The basics – resolution Image capture – input resolution 2.01 How many pixels do I need? The basics – color depth Discrete colors (or levels) Comparing bits 2.02 More colors equals better quality Global versus local enhancement Ensure quality capture and enhancement with 16 bit and RAW files The advantages of 16-Bit or High-Bit capture Common high-bit misconceptions 16-bit mode – Global Changes 8-bit mode – Local Changes Digital shooting technique Exposure Exposure control Two devices – the shutter and the aperture – control the amount of light that hits your camera’s sensor. 2.03 Exposure compensation Frame-by-frame control 2.04 Contrast 2.05 Color saturation 2.06 Image sharpness 2.07 White balance control Auto white balance Light source white balance settings 2.08 Applying fine-tuning automatically 2.09 Customizing your white balance 2.10 Shooting RAW for ultimate control Back to the beginning Interpolated color DIY RAW processing So what is in a RAW file? RAW processing in action


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About the author

Philip Andrews

Philip Andrews is Adobe Australia's official Photoshop and Elements Ambassador. He is an experienced photographer, author, magazine editor and online course creator. He was previously a lecturer at the Queensland School of Printing and Graphic Arts, Australia and Nescot, England. He is a beta tester for Photoshop, an alpha tester for Photoshop Elements and a Photoshop specialist demonstrator for Adobe Australia. Contributing numerous articles and videos to AdobeTV and the inspirational browser, Philip is a leading source in adobe information and instruction. Philip is also co-founder of an online photography training college. He's a regular contributor to several magazines including Shutterbug, Amateur Photographer, Australian Photography and Better Photography, he is senior contributing editor for Better Digital, columnist for What Digital Camera and Co-editor and publisher of Better Photoshop Techniques magazine.


"This new book is quite simply packed with useful breakdowns of the best tools to help photographers make more of their images. The book is really easy to ideal way to learn new skills and improve your exisiting ones." - Which Digital Camera "Philip's friendly style makes learning Photoshop Elements a breeze. This book gives you everything you need to feel like a digital pro in no time at all." Richard Coencas, Photoshop Elements Quality Engineer Lead, Adobe Praise for previous editions: " is one of the best books on Adobe Photoshop (with or without Elements) I've read so far." - "...a beautfifully rendered and compellingly written exploration of the advanced features and techniques that can be accomplished with Photoshop Elements." - Mike Leavy, Engineering Manager for Photoshop Elements, Adobe Systems, Inc. "Philip Andrews know Elements better than anyone else I know. He also writes in a friendly, entertaining and non-academic style. He has a great understanding of the needs of the end user and his knowledge and enthusiasm for digital imaging (and photography in general) shine from every sentence. With Philip as your guide you'll be using Elements like a pro and making great images in no time." - Nigerl Atherton, Editor, What Digital Camer and Better Digital Photography "The book has an upbeat, friendly feel and is easy to read...The sections are well though out and well described...Advanced Photoshop Elements for Digital Photographers is a good book and very adequately demonstrates how powerful and effective Adobe Elements can be." - Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine "The large section dealing with colour management is written in perhaps the easiest to understand manner I have encountered in the hundreds of Photoshop