Rapid evolution is taking place in the water market world wide - driven by increased consumer demand allied to the rarefraction of clean water. The inherent characteristics of composites materials associated with current materials and production technology is allowing the increased use of previously high cost materials and processes at ever decreasing costs.
The Handbook is designed to bring specifiers up to speed with these materials and the new areas of application associated with them, exploring the scope, performance, cost effectiveness and environmental and legislative consequences of their use.


For project engineers, civil and structural engineers, design engineers, buyers, process and design engineers, governmental agencies and sales engineers.

Table of Contents

Chapter headings and selected papers: Introduction. The Water Industry. Water Treatment. Rainwater. Surface water. Potable Water. Quality standards. Treatment process: potable water. WasteWater and Effluents. Treatment processES. Materials. Thermosets/Composite Materials. Thermosetting resins. Vinyl ester resins. Thermoplastics. ABS - acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. PET - polyethylene terephtalate. Production Technology. Thermosets/Composite Materials. Contact moulding. Pultrusion. Thermoplastics. Injection, compression and transfer moulding. Thermoforming. Design, Production and Testing Standards. Composite Pipe Systems. Composite Tanks and Vessels. Using non-Metallic Materials with Potable Water. Laws and Regulations. Testing Organisations. Products and Applications – Composite and Thermoplastic Pipe Systems. Composite Materials - Filament Wound Epoxy Pipes and Fittings. Thermoplastic Pipes. Products and Applications – Composite and Thermoplastic Tanks, Silos and Other Vessels. Cylindrical Composite Tanks and Other Vessels. Spiral wound and welded shell construction. Products and Applications - Miscellaneous Equipment. Wells and Bore Hole Equipment. Coating and linings. Novel Applications. Composite Modular Settling Tanks. Composite Flooring. Other Case Histories. Geothermal Sourced District Heating. FRP Storage Tanks - Massachusetts, USA. Quality Systems and a Summary of Considerations Specific to the use of Thermoplastic and Composite Materials. A Guide to the Design and Quality Control of Composite Vessels. Raw Materials. Trade and Registered Names of Raw Materials and the Relevant Producers. Trademarks, Equipment Suppliers and Manufacturers. PiIpe Systems. Thermoplastic Pipe Systems. Gover


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