Advanced Materials '93

Advanced Materials '93

Ceramics, Powders, Corrosion and Advanced Processing

1st Edition - January 13, 1995

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  • Editor: Shigeyuki Somiya
  • eBook ISBN: 9780444601131

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Ceramics, Powders, Corrosion and Advanced Processing covers the proceedings of the Third International Union of Materials Research Societies (IUMRS) International Conference on Advanced Materials (ICAM), held in Sunshine City, Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan from August 31 to September 4, 1993. The said conference discusses the procedures for advanced materials. The book is divided into four parts. Part 1 includes topics such as preparation of powders from different compounds and substances and the application of different methods and techniques. Part 2 talks about high temperature oxidations and corrosions; degradation resistance of thermal barrier coatings; the environmental effects on corrosion behavior of stainless steel; effect of gas composition and pressure on high temperature corrosion; and other related concepts. Part 3 includes topics such as fatigue-crack behavior; the factors that lead to it; fracture resistance and how it is increased; and the application of ceramics to heat-resistant engines and turbines. Part 4 covers the advanced processing of ceramics, and Part 5 deals with the fabrication of silicon-based ceramics. The text is highly recommended for chemists and engineers in the field of ceramics who would like to know more about the advances in its studies and research.

Table of Contents

  • Contents

    General Preface

    Conference Organizers, Sponsor, Advisors


    Supporting Sponsors

    Contents of Each Volume

    Names of Symposia and Organizing Committees

    Symposium C Powder Preparation

    Characterization of Rare Earth Oxide-Doped Tetragonal Zirconia Crystallized and Dried Using Supercritical Methanol

    Freeze Drying Preparation of YBa2Cu3Ox Powders: Chemical Study of the Process

    Sol-Spray Preparation, Particulate Characteristics, and Sintering of Alumina Powders

    Application of Thermodynamic Analysis on Preparation of Fine Powder of MnZn Ferrite with Carbonate Coprecipitation Process

    Preparation of Wollastonite Powder from Various Raw Materials

    Low Temperature Synthesis of Some Ferrite Powders

    Study on the Synthesis of Ultrafine Calcium Carbonate Particles

    Preparation of Medium Sized (diameter below 100 μm) Spherical Ceramic Powders (e.g. SrZr03 and YBa2Cu307)

    Preparation of Shape-Controlled Ti02 Particles by a Low-Temperature Aging Method

    The Mechanism of Preparation of Monodispersed Tin Oxide Particles by the Use of Alkoxide Precipitation

    Preparation and Magnetic Properties of Al-Modified Acicular α-Fe Particles

    Modification of Nanodisperse SiC-Powder Properties by Changing the Conditions of Si(CH3)4-Gas Phase yrolysis

    Synthesis of Nanodisperse Anorganic Powders by Low Temperature Plasma Processing

    Characterization of (Fe, Ni, Co)-TiN Nanocomposite Particles Synthesized by "Reactive Plasma-MetalReaction" Method

    Chemical, Structural and Microstructural Characterizations of Ta205 Particles Derived from an Aerosol Process

    Characterization of the Surface Oxide Layer of Fine Iron Particles

    On the Preparation of Magnesium Oxide Powders for Advanced Ceramics

    Preparation of PZT by Solid State Reaction Between PbO and TiZr04

    Mechanical Alloying of Cu-Al, Co, Fe, Zn Binary Powder Mixtures

    Low Temperature Sintering of PZT Ceramics with Complex-Oxide Additives

    Characterization of Powders in the Barium-Titanium Oxide System by Raman Spectroscopy

    Formation of the Monoparticulate Layer of Monodispersed Ceramics Particles on the Liquid Surface

    Effect of Particle Size Distribution Shape in Bimodal Packing

    Visualization and Insitu-Characterization of Deformed Powder Compact in Cold Isostatic Pressure

    Symposium G Corrosion/Coating of Advanced Materials



    Rare Earths Oxide Film Effect on Different Metal and Alloys at High Temperature in Oxidizing Conditions

    High Temperature Oxidation of Fe-20Cr-4Al Alloys with Small Additions of Ti, Zr or Hf

    Thermodynamic Consideration on Sulfur Effect in High Temperature Oxidation of Chromium

    Effect of Oxygen Partial Pressure on Oxidation of Zr and Zr-2.5 wt% Nb Alloy

    SIMS Studies of Alumina Growth at 1200°C

    High Temperature Corrosion of Pack Aluminized Stainless Steels

    The Degradation Resistance of Thermal Barrier Coatings to Molten Deposits at Very High Temperatures

    Prior Thermomechanical Treatment Improves Nitrited Layer Strength

    High Temperature Oxidation Behavior of Al-diffused Fe-Cr-Al Foils

    Hot Corrosion of Al Protective Coatings under Thermal Cyclic Conditions

    Environmental Effects of Corrosion Behavior of Stainless Steel in a Simulated Refuse Incinerator Condition

    The Effect of a Slight Amount of HC1 Gas on High Temperature Oxidation of Pure Iron and Chromium

    High Temperature Corrosion Behavior of Fe-Cr and Ni-Cr Alloys in Ar-H20-HBr Gas Mixtures

    Effect of Gas Composition and Pressure on High Temperature Corrosion of Various Steels in Coal Gasification Atmospheres

    High Temperature Sulphidation of Molybdenum

    Corrosion Resistance of Aluminized Stainless Steel to Molten Carbonate

    Review of the Erosion-Corrosion of Metals at High Temperatures

    Hot Corrosion Resistance of Reactive Sputtered A1203 Coating

    Microstructure of NiCoCrAlY Coatings Produced with Electron Beam Alloying Before and After High Temperature Oxidation

    Mechanical-Chemical Effect of Corrosive Wear of Materials

    Use of Laplace Transformation to Determine Corrosion Parameters from Electrochemical Data

    Aqueous Corrosion Properties of Arc Ion Plated TiN and CrN Coatings

    Formation of High Corrosion Resistant Iron Films by Ion Beam Deposition Method

    Evaluation of Corrosion Characteristics of Plasma-Spray Ceramic Coated Steel

    Corrosion Behavior of Silicon Nitride Ceramics in Sulfuric Acid Solution

    The Oxidation Behaviour of Titanium Aluminide Under the Effect of Mechanical Stresses

    Oxidation Behavior of TiAl Based Alloys

    Effect of Lamellar Structure on Oxidation Behavior of TiAl

    Sulfidation Properties of Ti-Al Intermetallic Compounds in H2S-H2 Atmospheres

    Oxidation Behavior of CoCrAlY Coated Intermetallic Ni3Al-Base Alloy IC6

    High Temperature Corrosion of Sputter-Deposited Al-Nb Alloys

    Oxidation Resistance of Ti5Si3 and (Ti, M)5Si3, (M: N6, V) Intermetallic Compounds

    Environmental Degradation in Ni3(Si, Ti) Intermetallic Alloys With Ll2 Structure

    High Temperature Oxidation of some MSi2-Type Suicides

    Effect of Boron-Doping on Oxidation of Carbon Fiber

    Effect of Oxidation and Hydrothermal Corrosion on Strength of SiC Fibres

    Improvement of Oxidation Resistance of Silicon Nitride Sintered Body by CVD Si3N4 Coating

    Oxidation of Zirconium Carbide Powders and Single Crystals Accompanying Deposition of Carbon

    High Temperature Oxidation of ZrN Powder in Oxygen Atmosphere

    High-Temperature Active Oxidation of CVD-Si3N4 in N2-02 Atmosphere

    Oxidation of Aluminium Nitride at High Temperatures. Evaluation of the Progression Rate of the Oxidation Front

    High-Temperature Oxidation of Titanium Diboride of Different Purity

    High Temperature Oxidation of Fe-20Cr-4Al Alloys with Small Additions of Rare Earth Elements (Y, Pr,Gd, Ho)

    Oxidation Behavior of the Aluminium-Yttrium Coating Layers on a Titanium-Aluminium Alloy at Elevated Temperatures

    Plasma Sprayed Coating with 2CaOZr02-CaOZr02 System

    Sputter-Deposited Amorphous Al-Mo-Si Alloys Resistant to High Temperature Sulfidation and Oxidation

    Erosion Wear Properties of Toughened Ceramics and Composites

    Zr02Ni Composite Plating for High Pressure Thrust Chambers

    High Temperature Reactions of an Nb-19-at% Al Alloy

    Thermal Oxidation of Intermetallic TiAl Implanted with Tantalum Ion

    Sulfate Salts Induced Corrosion of Titanium Aluminides

    Oxidation of Neutron-Irradiated Silicon Carbide in Flowing Air

    Oxidation Behavior of Glass Coated C/C Composite

    High-Temperature Pyrolytic Mechanism of Si-Ti-C-0 Fibers Coated with Oxide Layers of Various Thickness

    Spraying of Laser Coatings from Oxinitride Ceramics

    Oxidation of Powdered and Sintered TiN

    High Temperature Corrosion Performance of a-Si/SiO2 Duplex Coatings Produced by ArF Excimer Laser CVD

    Symposium J Structural Ceramics

    Fatigue-Crack Propagation Behavior in Ceramic Materials

    The Effects of Material Microstructure on Cyclic Fatigue Crack Growth in Transformation-Toughened Ceramics

    Effect of Water Vapor on Fatigue Crack Propagation of a Sintered Silicon Nitride

    Fatigue Strength of Cordierite Honeycomb for Diesel Particulate Filter

    Significance of Ktip in Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Silicon Nitride

    Enhanced Fracture Resistance Based on Micro-Pores in Ceramics

    A Microstructural Study of Fracture in Silicon Carbide

    K11/KI Ratios Under the Presence of a Mixed-Mode Fracturing Phenomeno

    Crack Initiation and Crack Growth in Ceramics under Thermal Loading

    Effect of Grain Size on Fatigue Behavior of Sintered A120 3 Plain Specimens Under Rotary Bending and Static Fatigue

    Fretting Fatigue Under Static Loading in Silicon Nitride

    On the Strength and Toughness of Structural Ceramics Bonded to Metals

    Reliability Analysis of a Ceramic Turbine Wheel

    Characteristics of Ceramic Spherical Sliding Bearing for Severe Application

    Fracture Response of Structural Ceramics Combined with Electrical Functions

    Temperature Dependence of the Elastic Moduli, Dilational and Shear Internal Frictions and Acoustic Wave Velocity for Alumina, (Y)TZP, β'-Sialon and α-SiC Ceramics

    SNMS Method for the Analysis of Bulk Oxide Ceramics and Thin Films

    ECR-Plasma Etching of Silicon Based Ceramics

    Application of AM-DCB Method to the High-Temperature R-Curve Study of a Si3N4 Ceramics

    The Microhardness Indentation Size/Load Effect (ISE) in Single-Crystal, Berlinite

    Sintering Behaviour of Ceramic Oxide Powders Prepared by Various Techniques

    Crystallographic Orientation in Zirconia Single Crystals at High Temperature by Applied Stress or Residual Stress

    High-Temperature Zirconia Ternary Alloy

    Analysis of Calcium Stabilized Zirconia by X-Ray Diffraction and Raman Spectroscopy

    Mullite/Zirconia Composites Prepared by Various Methods

    Thermal Conductivity, Strength, and Microstructure of Si-Ti-Al-O-N Porous Ceramics

    Impurity Effects on High Temperature Healing of Cracklike Flaws in Sapphire

    Sintering Mechanism and Physical Properties of Mo2FeB2 Type Complex Boride

    Reduction of Oxide Mixtures for the Production of Sinterable Ceramic Composite Powder Mixture

    Crystallization of Mullite and Immiscibility in Si02-Al203 System

    Characteristics of Rapidly Solidified Mullite-Zirconica Ceramics Prepared by Plasma Centrifugal Atomization

    Tetragonal-to-Monoclinic Phase Transformation in Y-PSZ Containing Alumina

    Mechanical Properties of Yttria and Ceria Doped Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystals

    Tribological Responses of Engineering Ceramics in Various Environments

    Effects of Load and Hydrostatic Pressure on Tribological Characteristics of Si3N4 Ceramic at 120°C in Water

    Effects of Phosphorus Compound Additives on the Lubrication Between Silicon Nitride and Steel

    Estimation for Strength of Ground Ceramics at Ambient and Elevated Temperature

    Development of Engine Lubricant for Ceramic Heat Insulated Engine

    Wisdom of Using Structural Ceramics - New Thinking in the Field of Structural Ceramics

    The Construction and Function in Ceramic Heat Insulated Engine

    Development of Ceramic Components for a Power Generating Gas Turbine

    A Recent Tendency of Si3N4 Cutting Tools

    Characterization by Solid State NMR of the Carbothermal Reduction Reaction to Produce β-Sialon

    Effect of Hf02 Addition on Mechanical Properties of SiAlON-Based Ceramics

    Effect of Al Impurity on Creep Behavior in Si3N4 Ceramics

    Influence of Halogen Impurities in Powder on High Temperature Properties of Silicon Nitride

    Strengthening of S i3N4 Ceramics by Residual Compressive Stress

    High Temperature Strength of β'-ο'-Sialons

    Design of Ceramic Matrix Composites

    Si3N4-SiC Composite Consolidated by Post-HIPing Process

    Effect of Graphite Addition on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Hot-Pressed Titanium Carbide

    Joining Silicon Nitride Ceramics Using CaO-Si02 Glass Solder

    Phase Relations Between Υ-α'- and β'-Sialons in S i3N4-AlN-Y203 System

    Synthesis and Mechanical Properties of Ti3SiC2 Ceramic

    Symposium Ρ Advance Processing

    Sinterable Ceramic Powders Prepared by SHS, Their Densifications and Final Products

    Combustion Synthesis Technology for Metal-Ceramic Composite Pipe Production

    High Speed Mechanical Alloying for Bulk Amorphous Intermetallics

    Mechanochemical Reactions During Mechanical Milling

    MMC, CMC and Microstructural Gradients by Nitridation of Al Alloys

    Preparation of A1203/Metal Composites Using Aluminium Metal

    Influence of Zr on the Activation Energy of Oxidation in the RBAO Process

    Net-Shape Forming of RBAO Composites

    Rapid Solidification of Bulk Undercooled Ni-21.4 at% Si Eutectic Alloy

    Explosive Compaction of Silicon Nitride Powder Without Additives Utilizing Underwater-Shock Wave

    Thermal Plasmas in Advanced Materials Processing

    Influence of Induction Plasma Treatment on Compositional Modification of Titanium Carbide Powders

    Plasma Surface Treatment of Fluoropolymers at Atmospheric Pressure

    Thermal Chemistry and Thermal Analysis Research on Al-Ti02 Self-Propagation High Temperature Synthesis System

    The Non-Isothermal Kinetic Analysis of Self-Propagation Combustion from Differential Thermal Analysis

    The Structural Analysis of the Combustion Wave in Al-Ti02 Self-Propagation High-Temperature Synthesis System

    SHS/Casting of NiAl and Mo3Al

    Fabrication of Multifunctional Gradient Materials in the System of Al203/TiC/Ni/TiC/Al203 by SHS/HIP

    Synthesis of Aluminum Nitride in Air by the Self-Combustion of Mechanically Activated Aluminum-Graphite Powders

    Diamond embedded TiC/Ti-Al Composite Fabricated by SHS-Pseudo Isostatic Compaction

    Mechanisms for Consolidation of Ultrafine Si3N4 Powder and for Transition of a-to β-Form under Shock Compression

    Quenching Experiment of Tantalum Nitride Under Static Compression

    Shock Reactive Synthesis and Processing of Ti-Al Intermetallics

    Fabrication of Maraging Steel Base Multilayered Composites Using Single-Shot Explosive Welding Technique

    A New Process of Brush-Plating Wear Resistant Layer

    Cavity Growth During Superplastic Flow in 7475 Aluminum Alloy

    Heating Temperature of Y203 Doped A1N During Plasma Sintering

    Melt-Quenching Synthesis and Raman Scattering Study of Zr02-ROi 5(R= Rare Earth) Solid Solutions

    Rubber Toughening Through Alloy Formation Combined with Sol-Gel Method

    Pressure Characteristics at the Tip of the Metal Delivery Tube in a Spray Deposition Process

    Preparation of Composites in the CaO-P205- Zr02 System by Spray-Pyrolysis Technique

    Characterization of Zr02 Thin Films Prepared from Zirconium Alkoxide by Sol-Gel or CVD Methods

    Solution Spinning of High Tc Oxide Superconductor. Part 3. Effect of Polymerization and Saponification of PVA on the Complex Formation of PVA with Copper (II) Acetate

    Polymerized Complex Precursors for the Synthesis of High Pure PbTi03 Powders at 400-600°C

    Application of Supercritical Fluids for Formation of Ferroelectric Fine Powder

    Preparation of Ceramic Fiber by Precursor Method Employing Polyfunctional Hydroxy Acid

    Microwave Sintering of Electronic Ceramics

    Rapid-Rate Sintering of Ceramics by Microwave Heating

    Electrical Property of Tantalum Oxide Films Prepared by KrF Excimer Laser Chemical Vapor Deposition

    Silicate Particles in Nonaqueous Media

    Effect of Ultrasound on Crystallization from Amorphous Gels in Solution

    Synthesis and Characterization of Nano-Structured NbC Thin Film

    Multifunctional Mesoporous Films Design and Application

    Fabrication of Alumina-Zirconia Composite Compacts by a Colloidal Route

    Influence of Ti02 on Sintering Zr02-yAl203 Colloidal Gel

    Chemical Design for Functional Multi-Component Oxides by Polymerized Complex Method

    Symposium W Fabrication of Silicon Based Ceramics

    Carbothermal Processing of Silicon Carbide Ceramics

    Influence of α Phase Content and Particle Size Distribution of Powder on Properties of Si3N4

    The Effect of the Amount of Halogen Impurities on the High Temperature Mechanical Properties of

    Sintered Si3N4

    Sintering of Boron Containing pSiC Powders Obtained by SHS

    Electron Spin Resonance Studies in Process of Ceramics Formation from Organosilicon Polymers

    Rheological Studies in the Fabrication Processes of CIPing and Injection Molding of Silicon Carbides with Additives of Alumina

    Grain Growth Mechanism of β-SiAlON

    Grain Growth of 3-Si3N4 in Silicon Nitride Ceramics

    Silicon Nitride Ceramics-Alloy Design

    Phase Transformation and Microstructure Development in Silicon Nitride Based Materials

    Polytypic Transformation and Sintering Behavior in Silicon Carbide Materials

    Processing Design for the Fabrication of High-Performance Silicon Nitride Ceramics

    Microstructure Control of Silicon Nitride by Seeding Rod-Like P-Si3N4 Particles

    Effect of Powder Characteristics on Gas-Pressure Sintering of Si3N4 with Rare Earth Additives

    intering Process of Silicon Nitride Doped with Alumina and Yttria in Different Amount and Composition

    Gas Pressure Sintering of Silicon Nitride: The Influence of Additive Type and Sintering Parameters on the Microstructural Development

    Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Hot-Pressed Silicon Nitride Ceramics

    Si3N4-Y4A l209 Composites Prepared by Spark Plasma Sintering

    Self Reinforced Behavior of Silicon Nitride Ceramics by Reaction Bonding Method

    Zirconia-Containing Ο-β Sialon Composites

    The Fabrication of Si3N4/SiC Nano-Composites

    Fabrication of SiC-SiC Whisker Composite by the Polymer Precursor Method

    Microstructural Characterization of Yb-α-Sialon Ceramics Prepared by Post Sintering HIP Treatments

    Microstructural features in Sialon/SiCpl Composites Observed by TEM

    Effect of Ti02 Content in the S13N4-Y2O3-AI2O3 on Oxidation Behavior

    Mechanical Properties of β-SiAlON Composites

    Impact Damage on Non-Oxide Ceramics for Automotive Turbine Use

    Cyclic Fatigue in Ceramics; Mechanisms and Effects of Microstructure and Environment

    Determination of the Optical Reflectivity and Absorption Coefficients of Silicon Nitride Ceramics

    Symposium L Rare-Earth Iron Base Permanent Magnet Materials

    Review of the Status of High Performance Permanent Magnet Materials and Devices

    On the Standard Measuring Method for Magnetic Properties of Permanent Magnet Materials with Very High Coercivity

    HDDR Process and Nd-Fe-B Magnet Powders

    Rare Earth Magnetic Materials Synthesized by Mechanical Alloying

    Magnetic Properties and Microstructure of Fe3B-Based Nd-Fe-B Hard Magnetic Materials

    The Use of Hydrogen in the Processing and in the Characterization of Nd-Fe-B Magnets and Alloys: An Update

    Recent Aspects: Rare Earth Resources and Metal Production for Rare Earth Iron Base Permanent Magnet

    Applications of Rare Earth Magnets in Japan

    Boundary Phases in RE(Nd, Pr)-Fe-B Magnetic Materials

    Corrosion Behavior and Magnetic Properties of Melt-Spun Nd-(Fe, Co, Ni)-B-(A1, Ti) Ribbons

    Dispersion-Hardened Corrosion-Resistant Nd-(FeCoNiTi)-B Magnets; Properties and Microstructure

    Effect of Ga Addition on Nd-Dy-Fe-Co-B Sintered Magnets

    Effect of Boron Content on Microstructures and Magnetic Properties of Hot-Rolled Pr-Fe-B Magnets

    Alloy Design of Precipitation Hardenable 1-12 type Nd-Fe-M (M = Ti,B) Alloys

    Binary Alloy Method for the Production of Nd-Fe-Co-B Permanent Magnets

    Temperature Dependence of Magnetization Stability for Nd-Fe-B Magnets

    Electrochemical Behavior of Nd-(Fe, Co, Ni)-B Sintered Magnets

    Magnetic Properties of (RSm)2(FeCo)17Nx Alloys (R = La/Ce/Pr)

    57Fe Mössbauer Study of R2Fe17 and R2Fe17 NJC (R = Ce and Sm)

    Anisotropic Sm2Fe17N3 Powders Prepared by Special Nitro-Hydrogenation

    Zn-Bonded Rare-Earth Transition-Metal Permanent Magnets

    Magnetic Properties of Nd1 +(F(e5,M)1N2x (M = Ti, V, Mo) Non-Stoichiometric Compositional Powders Prepared by Utilizing HDDR Phenomena

    2-17 L-Co-Fe Compounds; Synthesis and Magnetic Properties

    Recent Progress in the Development and Analysis of Coercivity of Rare Earth Transition Metal Intermetallic Compounds

    Modelling and Measurement of Remanence Enhancement in Two Phase Nanocrystalline Materials

    Magnetization Processes in High Coercivity SmCo5 and Sm2Fe17Nx Prepared by Mechanical Alloying

    Development of High-Energy Product Sm2Fe17N3 Bonded Magnets

    Physical Properties of R2Fei7N3+ᵟ(
    Nitrogen Absorption by Sm2Fe17

    Consolidation of Pure Sm2Fe17Nx Powder by Shock Compression

    Symposium M C60 and Related Materials

    Electronic Structures and Jahn-Teller Effects in Alkali Metal Fullerides

    Organic Chemical Derivatization of Fullerene

    Growth and Properties of Buckybundles

    Chemistry, Physics and Materials Science Studies of Fullerenes

    Electrochemical Properties of C60 Thin Film

    Solid State Properties of C60 and C70

    High-Resolution Electron Energy-Loss Spectra of Solid C60, C70 and Carbon Nanotubes

    Nanometer Sized CeC2 Crystals Encapsulated within Gigantic Super Fullerenes

    C60 Fullerene Under High Pressure; A Transition to Diamond and to an Amorphous Diamond Under Shock-Compression

    Superconducting Properties of Alkali-Metal-Doped C60 Prepared by Thermal Decomposition of Azides

    ESR Studies of Rb-doped C60

    Molecular Bea m Epitaxy of C60 onto the CaFe 2(lll) Surface

    Growth and Characterization of Epitaxial C60 and C70 Films

    Chemical Reactions in Collisions of C+60 Ions with Solid Surfaces

    Fabrication of C6o-Based Thin Films by Laser Ablation and Ion Plating Methods

    Polyhedra and Morphology of General Fullerenes

    Electronic Structure of Orientationally Ordered and Disordered K3C60

    Structures an d Catalytic Activities of C60MX and C70MX (M = Cs , K , Na ) for H2-D2 Reaction and Olefin Hydrogenation

    Synthesis of Organic Derivatives of Fullerenes

    Fluorination of Fullerenes C60 and C7, 0The Nature of C-F Bond and Electrochemical Characteristics of C60 FX and C70 FX-Lithium Cells

    Approaches to Chemical Functionalization of Fullerenes

    Synthesis and Characterization of C60 Adducts with Benzyne, Dichlorocarbene, Dienes, and Oxygen

    Synthesis of Water-Soluble Fullerols

    NMR Observation of Inclusion Between C60 and Cyclodextrin

    Solubility Properties of C60

    Electrical Conductivity of Plasma-Polymerized C6/0C70 Mixture Films

    Continuous Production of Fullerenes by Evaporation of Carbon Powder and Carbon Chips in an Arc Discharge

    Crystal Structures of Fluorinated Fullerenes

    High Temperature and High Pressure Extraction of Fullerenes from KH Carbon

    Theoretical Prediction of the Dimerization Energy of C60

    Ab-initio Mixed-Basis Molecular Dynamics Simulation Applied to Carbon Microclusters

    Prediction of Stable Structures of Fullerenes by Energy Calculations

    Program 'FULLER' for Producing Isomeric Fullerene Structures from their Projections

    Lattice Relaxation in the Lowest Excited State of C60

    Stability of Boron and Nitrogen Substituted Buckminsterfullerene

    Morphological Study of C60 Thin Films Prepared by Physical Vapor Deposition

    Luminescence Excitation Spectra of C60 Films

    Oxygen Effect on the Photoconductivity Behavior of C60 Thin Films

    ESR Study in Alkali-Doped C60

    Preparation and Characterization of NaxC60 Using Sodium Azide

    ESR and Low-Field Microwave Absorption of Sodium-Doped C6: 0Pecularities of the Doping Using Sodium Azide

    Effect of Condensation of C60 Molecules on Raman Spectra of Solid C6: 0Study of Structural Phase Transition

    X-Ray Study of Phase Transition and Structure Analysis of Low Temperature Phase at 13K in C60 Single Crystal

    Growth and Mechanical Property of C60 Single Crystals

    Symposium S Electronic Materials and Processing for ULSIs

    Supporting Sponsors

    Microdefects in Si Crystal

    Recent Progress of Low Temperature Si Epitaxy

    Influence of Sb Doping on Oxygen Solubility in Si Melt

    Defects in as-Grown Si Probed by Positron Annihilation

    The Diffusion Length of Positrons in Different Si Wafers

    The Present and Future on Semiconductor Technology and Industry in Korea

    Shallow Junction Technologies for Future ULSI

    Migration Problems in Submicron Metal Interconnections

    Silicon-On-Diamond Field Effect Devices

    Metal CVD Technology

    C54-TiSi2 Fabricated by Direct Ion Beam Synthesis

    Selective Area Deposition of Insulating Films by Laser CVD and its Characterization

    Heterojunction Diodes with Fluorine-Passivated Sic Emitters Formed by Pyrolysis of di-tert-butylsilane

    Growth of Bismuth Silicate Thin Films by the Reaction of SiOz Layer on Silicon

    SiGe Layers Heteroepitaxy on Si Substrate by RTPNLP-CVD

    Very low Temperature Silicon Epitaxial Growth by Partial Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition

    Thermal Reaction of NixSi1-x(x=0.18-0.28) Thin Films

    Photoluminescence Detection of Oxygen in Carbon-Implanted Electron-Irradiated Silicon Crystal

    Microscopic Observation of the Kirkendall Effect in Ti/Si and Ni/Si Systems

    Positron Annihilation and Defect Structure of La1-xSrxFe03 Electronic Ceramic

    Defects in S1O2 Films Deposited on Si Substrates Probed by Monoenergetic Positron Beams

    Defects in HB-GaAs Probed by Positron Annihilation

    Investigation of Amorphization in Si Induced by Ion Implantation

    Defect Evaluation of Heavily Phosphorus-Doped Si Epitaxial Films Grown by Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition

    Characteristics of Silylation and Wet Develop in Novolak/Diazonaphthoquinone Resist System

    Characterization of ITO Films Prepared by Electron Shower Method Using ESCA

    AC Hot-Carrier Effects Under Very Fast Transient Stressing and its Impact on 16M Dram

    Electrical Properties of Mg-Implanted GaAs Encapsulated by As-Doped a-Si:H Films

    Unique Allylated Polyphenylene Ether for Low Dielectric Printed Circuit Boards

    Optical and Electronic Properties of ZnSe

    Electronic Properties of Polycrystalline Silicon - Grain Boundary Segregation of Pd Atoms

    Symposium Y Diamond and Related Materials

    A Review of Liquid Phase Systems Pertinent to Diamond Synthesis

    Shock Synthesis of a Hybrid of Diamond and Cubic Boron Nitride

    Growth of Single Crystals of Diamond by a Two-Stage Method

    Sintering of Cubic Boron Nitride with Added Aluminum at High Pressure and High Temperatures

    A Novel Diamond Sintering Process Implicated from Chemical Properties of Natural Polycrystal Diamond (Carbonado)

    A Continuous, Seeded H2/CH4-Molecular Beam in Support of Diamond Vapour Growth

    STM Observation of Diamond(l 11) Epitaxial Films

    Atomic Scale Observations of CVD Diamond Surfaces by STM

    Surface Processes Associated with Diamond Growth from Water Alcohol Deposition Chemistries

    Studies of Epitaxial Growth Mechanism of Diamond(OOl)

    Molecular Orbital Calculations of Diamond(OOl) Surfaces

    Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Graphite —> Diamond Transformations and SiC Growth on Si(OOl)

    Microbalance Measurements of Diamond Growth Rates

    Monte Carlo Simulation on Generation of Atomic Hydrogen in Diamond Deposition Process

    Temperature Dependence of Diamond Growth by a Hot-Filament Method in a Low Temperature Range

    Growth and Characterization of Highly Oriented Diamond Films on Silicon

    Selective Growth of Diamond Thin Film Employing Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Thin Film Mask

    Enhancement of Diamond Nucleation Density by Pretreatment in Hexane Medium

    Characterization of Excitonic Recombination Radiation from High Purity CVD Diamonds

    Infrared Optical Properties of Diamond Films Synthesized by MWPCVD

    Characterization of Single Crystal Diamond by Double Crystal X-Ray Diffraction

    Near-Ideal Schottky Barrier Formation at Metal-CVD Diamond Interfaces

    Effect of Substrate on the Measurement of Thermal Conductivity of Diamond Films

    The Mechanical Properties of Polycrystalline Diamond Films

    Characterization of Trace Ni in a Synthetic Diamond by Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis

    Trace Amount of Nickel in Synthetic Diamond and its Implication to the Abundance of Substitutional Nitrogen

    Electrical Properties of Phosphorous-Implanted Homoepitaxial Diamond Film

    Cathodoluminescence as a Probe to Study Residual Radiation Damage in Ion-Implanted Diamond

    Study of Diamond Films Synthesized on Si Substrates by Monoenergetic Positron Beams

    Electrical and Optical Properties of Pulsed Laser Ablated Diamond-Like Carbon Films

    Diamond-Like Carbon Films Deposited at a Temperature of 77 Κ by Opposed Target Sputtering

    The Effect of Nitrogen Doping in a-C:H Films Using Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Method

    The Stability of Diamond-Like Carbon Films During Thermal Annealing in Air

    Diamond-Like Carbon Film Deposition by Super-Wide Electron-Cyclotron Resonance Plasma Source Excited by Traveling Microwave

    Process and Wear of Short Carbon Fiber/Silicon Carbide Matrix Composite

    Tribological Study of PAN/Pitch, PAN/CVI and Pitch/Resin/CVI Carbon-Carbon Composites

    Symposium II Ferroelectrics

    Recent Developments of Electrooptic and Electrocaloric Materials and Devices

    Investigation of Sc3+ in LiNb03 Single Crystals

    Ferroelectric Domain Structures in Flux-Grown PbTi03 Single Crystals

    Using Extreme Fringe Contrast Behavior to Determine 180° Domain Polarization Configuration in Lead Titanate Single Crystals

    Epitaxy Control and Interfacial Coulomb's Potential of LiNb03 Thin Films on R-Cut Sapphire

    Dielectric Properties of SrTi03 Thin Films by RF Magnetron Sputtering

    Dielectric Properties of (Ba, Sr)Ti03 Thin Films by RF Magnetron Sputtering

    Mechanisms of Dielectric Constant Variations of SrTi03 Thin Films

    Heteroepitaxial Growth and Characterization of (001)BaxCSr1-xTiO3/(001)YBa2Cu3Ov Ferroelectric Thin Films on (100)MgO Substrate

    Growth and Characterization of Epitaxial SrTi03 Thin Films with Supereminent Polarizability

    Preparation and Evaluation of Pb (Zn1/3 Nb2/3)03-PbTi03 Thin Films by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition

    Strain and Orientation of Pb(Zr, Ti)03 and PbTi03 Thin Films Prepared by MOCVD

    Characterization of PZT Films Prepared Using Pulsed Laser Ablation with a Magnetic Field

    Pulsed Laser Ablation Using Vibrating PZT Target

    Preparation of Pb-Based Ferroelectric Thin Films by RF-Magnetron Sputtering Method and Their Properties

    The Effects of Activated Oxygen on Reduction in Leakage Current of PZT Thin Films

    Fabrication of Ferroelectric B i4Ti30 i 2 Thin Films by Dipping-Pyrolysis of Metal Naphthenates and Micro Patterning Process Using an Electron Beam

    The Preparation and Rapid Thermal Annealing of PZT Thin Film

    Symposium KK Dielectric Materials

    Properties of SrTi03 Based Relaxors

    Dielectric Dispersion of Relaxor Ferroelectrics

    Temperature Dependency of Atomic Position in Pb(Mg1/3 Nb2/3)03 Single Crystal. Thermal Decomposition Behavior of Pb(Mg1N/b31)/033 into Pyrochlore-type Compound

    Phase Transition Behavior Between Normal and Diffuse Transitions in Lead Based Perovskite Compounds

    New X7 Ceramic Dielectrics for Multilayer Capacitors

    Binder Burnout and Sintering Process of Copper Internal Electrode Multilayer Capacitors

    Electrical Properties of Grain and Grain Boundary in PFW Ceramics

    Study on Lead-Based Relaxor Ferroelectric Ceramics for X7R Capacitors

    Tayloring Microstructure for Microwave Dielectric Properties - Theory and Experiment

    Microwave Dielectric Properties of Solid Solutions in the ZrTi04-Y203-Nb205 System

    Miniaturized Low-Loss Dielectric Filter for Mobile Radio Using a Quasi-Microwave Band

    Multilayer Microwave Devices Employing Bi-Based Dielectric Ceramics with Copper Internal Conductors

    Contribution of Phase Stability to Dielectric Constant of a Solid Solution (Bai-xSrx)(Mg1T/a32/3)03 System

    Electrochemical Processes of Barium Titanate Thin Film and Structural Analysis by X-Ray Diffraction

    X-Ray Diffraction Study on the Phase Transitions of (CH3NH3)3Bi2Br9 Crystal

    Structure and Dielectric Properties of Amorphous SrTi03 Thin Films at Elevated Temperatures

    Single Crystal Growth of BaTi03 by Sintering

    Ferroelectric Behaviors in Semiconductive Cd1-ZnxTe Crystals

    Dielectric Breakdown of SiAlON Insulating Thin Films Prepared by RF Magnetron Sputtering

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