There has been a lack of authoritative, current information on the structure, investigation and preparation of inorganic sorbents, their numerous applications as well as the adsorption from gaseous and liquid phases on new and chemically modified inorganic solids. This volume deals with the above-mentioned themes and presents 34 up-to-date comprehensive and critical reviews written by well-recognized authorities. The sorbents discussed are primarily mineral ones. Each contribution treats a problem critically by showing its development, presenting documentation on the state-of-the-art and identifying subjects for further research.

The book will be of interest to researchers in academic institutes and industrial laboratories engaged in the fields of surface chemistry, inorganic chemistry, adsorption, ion-exchange, catalysis, chromatography and spectroscopy of the surface phenomena, as well as to students attending graduate and postgraduate courses.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Preparation, Structure and Properties of New and Modified Inorganic Sorbents. Computational studies on the design of synthetic sorbents for selective adsorption of molecules (R. Vetrivel et al.). Controlled porosity glasses (CPGs) as adsorbents, molecular sieves, ion-exchangers and support materials (A.L. Dawidowicz). Influence of pH of precipitation of hydroxides on the structure of co-precipitated adsorbents (V.S. Komarov). Colloidal silicas (S. Kondo). Complex carbon-mineral adsorbents: Preparation, surface properties and their modification (R. Leboda, A. Dabrowski). Solid-phase hydrosilylation reactions with participation of modified silica surface (V.A. Tertykh, L.A. Belyakova). Structure and molecular organization of bonded layers of chemically modified silicas (A.Yu. Fadeev, G.V. Lisichkin). The chemical basis of surface modification technology of silica and alumina by molecular layering method (A.A. Malygin et al.). Kinetics of organic compounds chemisorption from the gas phase on oxides surface (V.I. Bogillo). Functionalized polysiloxane sorbents: Preparation, structure, properties and use (Yu. L. Zub, R.V. Parish). Surface structure and molecular adsorption of apatites (T. Ishikawa). Surface chemistry and adsorption properties of Al13 colloids (J.Y. Bottero, J.M. Cases). Section 2: Adsorption from Gaseous Phase. Computer simulation of adsorption on amorphous oxide surface (V. Bakaev, W. Steele). On the nature of the energetic heterogeneity of water/oxide interface in adsorption phenomena occurring at oxide surface (W. Rudziński et al.). Energetic heterogeneity of porous inorganic oxides: Adsorption and chromatographic studies (M. Jaroniec). Adsorption kinetics on real surfaces (G.F. Cerofolini). Inverse gas chromatography in the examination of acid-base and some other properties of solid materials (A. Voelkel). Chemical and morphological characteristics of inorganic s


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