Acute Pain Management - Rights Reverted

3rd Edition

A Practical Guide


  • Pamela Macintyre
  • Stephan Schug
    • Print ISBN 9780702027703

    Key Features

    • Gives comprehensive cover of all of the areas of importance in the management of acute pain
    • Presents highly practical information firmly supported by full evaluation of the scientific literature
    • Concisely written text supplemented with useful checklists, flow charts and key points that can be readily referred to during treatment of a patient
    • Gives a series of acute pain management plans, whilst at the same time discussing controversial areas and possible solutions
    • Explores pain control in complex cases – opioid-tolerant patients, pregnant and lactating patients, patients with hepatic and renal impairment and the elderly
    • Discusses the important areas of acute neuropathic pain and the transition from acute to persistent pain
    • Key self-assessment questions and answers

    Table of Contents

    INTRODUCTION Effectiveness of acute pain management; Adverse effects of undertreated severe acute pain; Acute pain management and patient outcomes

    ORGANIZATIONAL CONSIDERATIONS: Education Standardization; Acute pain services

    ASSESSMENT OF THE PATIENT WITH ACUTE PAIN: Assessment of pain and pain relief; Assessment of adverse effects

    PHARMACOLOGY OF OPIOIDS: Mechanisms of action; Effects of opioids; Predictors of opioid dose; Titration of opioid dose; Commonly used opioid agonists; Partial agonists and agonist-antagonists; Opioid antagonists

    PHARMACOLOGY OF LOCAL ANESTHETIC DRUGS: Mechanism of action; Efficacy of local anesthetic drugs; Adverse effects of local anesthetic drugs; Commonly used local anesthetic drugs

    NON-OPIOID AND ADJUVANT ANALGESIC AGENTS: paracetamol (acetaminophen); Non-selective non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; Selective COX-2 inhibitors; Nitrous oxide; NMDA receptor antagonist drugs; alpha 2-Adrenergic agonist drugs; Calcitonin; Antidepressant drugs; Anticonvulsant drugs; Membrane-stabilizing drugs

    ROUTES OF SYSTEMIC OPIOID ADMINISTRATION: Oral route; Intramuscular and subcutaneous routes; Intravenous route; Rectal route; Transdermal route; Transmucosal routes

    PATIENT-CONTROLLED ANALGESIA: Equipment Analgesic and other drugs used with PCA; The PCA 'prescription'; Requirements for the safe management of PCA; Management of inadequate analgesia; 'Step-down' analgesia; Complications of PCA; Alternative systemic routes of PCA administration

    EPIRURAL AND INTRATHECAL ANALGESIA: Anatomy; Contraindications; Drugs used for epidural analgesia; Requirements for the safe management of epidural analgesia; Patient-controlled epidural analgesia; Management of inadequate analgesia; 'Step-down' analgesia; Complications and side effects of epidural analgesia; Concurrent anticoagulant or antiplatelet medications; Intrathecal analgesia

    OTHER REGIONAL AND LOCAL ANALGESIA: Continuous peripheral ner


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