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Attractive 2 colour design
Written by a team of experts in the field
Includes more than 175 2 colour illustrations
Integrates western and traditional Chinese medicine

Table of Contents

Part I: The basics

1 Introduction

2 Pain from the western scientific medicine perspective

2.1 Foundations
2.2 Diagnosis of chronic pain
2.3 General treatment guidelines for chronic pain
2.4 Conventional pain treatment
2.5 Western naturopathic approaches to pain treatment

3 Pain from the traditional Chinese medicine perspective

3.1 Basic characheristics of traditional Chinese medicine
3.2 Pathogenesis of pain
3.3 The concept of Bi obturation
3.4 Prevention

4 Diagnosis and differential diagnosis in TCM

4.1 Perspectives in the West and East
4.2 History taking
4.3 Special physical examination
4.4 Syndrome differentiation
4.5 Correlation between western disease categories and syndrome pattern
4.6 Significance of syndrome diagnosis in treatment

5 Guidelines for TCM treatment of pain

5.1 Formulating treatment principles (Zhize)
5.2 Treatment of the 'root' (Ben) and 'branches' (Biao)
5.3 Treatment options

6 Acupuncture

6.1 Definition
6.2 Neurobiological mechanisms of action
6.3 Indications
6.4 Contraindications
6.5 Undesired side-effects
6.6 Techniques and practical application
6.7 Treatment principles
6.8 Warming the acupoints: moxibustion
6.9 Related Techniques

7 Channels and important acupoints

7.1 Channels and acupoints
7.2 Acupoints from a western scientific point of view

8 Further treatment options in TCM

8.1 Chinese Herbal Medicine
8.2 Chinese Dietetics
8.3 Tuina
8.4 Qi Gong

PART II: Pain Syndromes

9 Head and face pain

9.1 General principles
9.2 Migraine
9.3 Tension-type headache
9.4 Analgesic-induced headache
9.5 Cervicogenic headache
9.6 Cluster headache
9.7 Temporomandibular joint dysfunction
9.8 trigeminal neuralgia
9.9 Atype facial pain
9.10 Sy


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