Active Library® on Corrosion

1st Edition


eBook ISBN: 9780444896070
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 15th April 1992


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Elsevier Science B.V., the world's largest scientific publisher, and the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), the world's largest publisher of corrosion technology, are proud to announce the Active Library® on Corrosion, a novel hypertext/CD-ROM product, edited by W. Bogaert and K. Agema. The Active Library® on Corrosion has been developed by Elsevier as part of one of the projects of ESPRIT, the European Strategic Programme for Research and Development in Information Technology.


The Active Library® on Corrosion (ALC) presents a vast amount of practical corrosion information, consisting of text and graphics (including hundreds of full-color photographs), which you can access through hypertext linking.

The ALC contains several numerical and textual databases, which can be accessed via the unique reference cube and via various search options. The ALC allows you (1) to select screen sequences for storage in document trails which can be retrieved afterwards, (2) make annotations to information screens via the sticky note editor, and (3) to print the documents selected by you.


The Active Library® on Corrosion is aimed primarily at the individual corrosion engineer, but will also prove to be an indispensable educational tool for courses on corrosion, as well as an invaluable reference for scientific and technical personnel who deal with any corrosion topic. The unique user interface and functions of the ALC will also be of great interest to students and researchers in the fields of hypertext, media technology and information retrieval.

Table of Contents

The Active Library® on Corrosion presents a comprehensive collection of corrosion information, divided over the following library sections: 1. Reference Cube (General corrosion information authored by W. Bogaerts and K. Agema). 2. Case Histories (offer 400 case histories presented in the Corrosion Atlas - Second, Expanded and Revised Edition, compiled by E.D.D. During, Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, 1991). 3. Corrosion Control (authored by W. Bogaerts and K. Agema). 4. Books (the full text and illustrations of four NACE titles on preventive measures and corrosion control: Fundamentals of Designing for Corrosion Control: A Corrosion Aid for the Designer, by R.J. Landrum; Cathodic Protection, Second Edition, by J.H. Morgan; Corrosion Prevention by Protective Coatings, by C.G. Munger; and Corrosion Inhibitors, edited by C.C. Nathan). 5. Quick Reference (including all tables and diagrams of NACE Corrosion Engineer's Reference Book, Second Edition, edited by R.S. Treseder et al. (NACE, Houston, 1991)). 6. Databases (NACE's COR.SUR® and COR.SUR2® materials selection databases). 7. Glossary and Help information.


The Active Library® on Corrosion has been designed to run under Microsoft® Windows® 3.1, on IBM® PC-AT's and compatibles. The minimum requirements are:

  • IBM® or IBM-compatible PC, with a 80286 or higher processor
  • 2 MB or more free RAM

  • MS-DOS® 3.3 or higher

  • Microsoft® Windows® 3.0 (or 3.1) installed

  • Microsoft® Windows® compatible mouse or other pointing device

  • VGA graphics adapter with at least 512 kB display memory and Microsoft® Windows® driver for 256 colors



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@from:ERA Technology Ltd., Surrey, UK @qu:...overall the ALC is an attractive, easy- and fun-to-use system that many will find of benefit. @source: @from:Corrosion Testing Laboratories Inc., Wilmington, DE, USA @qu:...a one stop reference for corrosion control design, prevention and failure analysis. ...A great addition to any corrosion engineer's personal library or a company's engineering library. @source: interesting, informative, and highly navigable compact disk product. ...a fascinating product of interest to individual scientists and engineers, special libraries, and academic libraries. It provides a variety of easy-to-use access points to information, and contained in one package are standard corrosion engineering reference sources. @source:Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences @qu:...will be an extremely useful asset in many an academic library or laboratory. It is produced to a very high standard both in terms of its content and its usability. Indeed, it sets a standard for electronic publication that many other publishers will find difficult to exceed. @source:Association for Learning Technology Journal