Accident and Emergency Nursing

4th Edition


  • Mike Walsh
  • Andrew Kent
    • Print ISBN 9780750643177


    The holistic perspective evident in this key text reflects the challenges presented to A&E nurses by the wide range of patient conditions encountered in Emergency Care. The strength of this book lies in its clinical focus and its practical 'how to' approach, combined with sound evidence-based rationales for care.

    This is an essential text for all A & E staff, including those who are new to the A & E department and Minor Injury Unit who are not taking formal study.

    Table of Contents

    SECTION 1 CHAPTER 1: Social factors in A&E attendance; CHAPTER 2: Patients, people and nurses, psychology in A&E; Role of the nurse in A&E; SECTION 2 CHAPTER 4: Nursing care of the crirtically injured patient; CHAPTER 5: Nursing care of the emergency patient; SECTION 3 CHAPTER 6: Fractures and dislocations; CHAPTER 7: POP application; CHAPTER 8: Soft tissue injury; CHAPTER 9: Eye complaints and emergencies; CHAPTER 10: ENT and dental emergencies; CHAPTER 11: Children in A&E; CHAPTER 12: The older person in A&E; CHAPTER 13: Major disaster planning and radiation casualties; CHAPTER 14: Women's health problems; SECTION 4 CHAPTER 15: Substance misuse; CHAPTER 16: Deliberate self-harm and parasuicide; CHAPTER 17: The mentally ill person in A&E; CHAPTER 18: The difficult problem nobody else wants; CHAPTER 19: Sexual problems in A&E; SECTION 5 CHAPTER 20: Evidence based practice in the accident department


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