This volume contains 27 papers covering the advances being made in the field of accelerated cooling technology for hot-rolled steel products. Main topics covered include accelerated cooling applications to plate, strip, bars and shapes; system design; process modelling and effects on transformation; microstucture and mechanical properties, providing international steel industry R & D personnel and metallurgical research groups with a state-of-the-art update of this rapidly developing technology.


For researchers and industrial workers in metallurgy.

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(partial) Preface. Organizing committee and session chairmen. Deformation and accelerated effects on transformation, microstructure and mechanical properties: Accelerated cooling -- a physical metallurgy perspective, A J DeArdo. Effects of controlled rolling and accelerated cooling on microstructure and mechanical properties of high-tensile-strength steels, A Yoshie et al. Controlled Cooling of Hot Strip: Prediction of microstructural changes and mechanical properties in hot strip rolling, H Yada. Computed temperature profiles of hot rolled plate and strip during accelerated cooling, R Colas & C M Sellars. Accelerated Cooling Systems: Characterization of wide-angle spray nozzles for use in accelerated cooling of hot steel bodies, D F Ellerbrock et al. A pilot-scale on-line accelerated cooling system for development of plate and strip steels, A F Crawley et al. Accelerated Cooling Applied to Plate: Overview of accelerated cooled steel plate, T Tanaka. Application of accelerated cooling for producing 360 MPa yield strength steel plates of up to 150mm in thickness with low carbon equivalent. Accelerated cooling applied to bars and shapes: Controlled cooling technology for hot rolled bars, T Oshiro et al. Enhanced cooling of hot rolled steel sections, A S Blicblau & L P Travis. Keyword subject index. Author index.

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@qu:This collection of papers is a valuable source of recent developments in ACR, for anyone involved in research and development in the field. @source:International Steel News Steel Times International