ACCCN's Critical Care Nursing

1st Edition


  • Wendy Chaboyer
  • Leanne Aitken
  • Andrea Marshall
    • Electronic ISBN 9780729577700

    Table of Contents

    1 Scope of critical care practice, Leanne Aitken, Wendy Chaboyer, Doug Elliott

    2 Resourcing critical care, Denise Harris, Ged Williams

    3 Clinical information, Harriet Adamson, Doug Elliott

    4 Practice development, Ruth Endacott, Wendy Chaboyer

    5 Care across the continuum, Wendy Chaboyer, Doug Elliott

    6 Ethical issues in critical care, Susan Bailey, Amanda Rischbieth

    7 Assessment, monitoring & diagnostics, Bridie Kent, Bruce Dowd

    8 Psychosocial and cultural care of the critically ill, Marion Mitchell, Denise Wilson, Vicki Wade

    9 Essential nursing care of the critically ill patient, Paul Fulbrook, Bernadette Grealy

    10 Support of cardiovascular function, Robyn Gallagher, Malcolm Dennis

    11 Support of respiratory function, Sid Cuthbertson, Michelle Kelly

    12 Support of neurological function, Di Chamberlain, Wendy Swope

    13 Support of renal function, Ian Baldwin, Gavin Leslie

    14 Support of metabolic function, Andrea Marshall, Martin Boyle

    15 Management of multi-organ dysfunctions, Melanie Greenwood, Marghie Murgo

    16 Emergency presentations, David Johnson, Mark Wilson

    17 Trauma management, Leanne Aitken, Louise Niggemeyer

    18 Resuscitation, Trudy Dwyer

    19 Specialty Cardiac Care, Malcolm Dennis, Robyn Gallagher

    20 Paediatric considerations in critical care, Tina Kendrick, Anne Morrison

    21 Organ donation and transplantation, Judy Currey, Suzana Dimovski, Jane Treloggen


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    Mosby Australia
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