A Textbook of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

1st Edition


  • Julia Brooking
  • Ben Thomas
  • Susan Ritter
    • Print ISBN 9780443034619

    Table of Contents

    Introduction PART 1 ISSUES and DEVELOPMENTS in PSYCHIATRIC NURSING: History. Theory Development. The Multi-Disciplinary Clinical Team. Education. An International Perspective. Research. Ethics. Stress. Politics, Power and Psychiatric Nursing PART 2 the KNOWLEDGE BASE: An INTRODUCTION to RELEVANT DISCIPLINES: Mental Health Legislation. The Contribution of Sociology. The Contribution of Psychology. The Contribution of the Biological Sciences. The Contribution of Pharmacology. The Contribution of Clinical Psychiatry. The Contribution of Health Education PART 3 PRINCIPLES of PSYCHIATRIC NURSING PRACTICE: Psychiatric Nursing Assessment. Nursing Care Planning. Communication. Meeting Physical Care Needs. Social Vulnerability. Sexuality. Organizing Inpatient Care. Day Care. Nursing in Therapeutic Communities. Community Psychiatric Nursing PART 4 PSYCHIATRIC NURSING INTERVENTIONS for SPECIFIC CLIENT GROUPS: Nursing Disturbed Children and Adolescents. Depression and Suicide. Anxiety. Phobic and Obsessional States. Schizophrenia. Eating Disorders. Personality Disorders. Agression and Violence. Substance Abuse. Liaision Psychiatric Nursing. The Elderly Mentally Infirm PART 5 METHODS of THERAPY in PSYCHIATRIC NURSING: Drug Treatment. Physical Treatments. Individual Psychotherapy and Counselling. Behavioural Psychotherapy. Social, Recreational, Creative and Occupational Acctivities. Rehabilitation Index


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