A Synopsis of Biology

A Synopsis of Biology

2nd Edition - January 1, 1964

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  • Author: W. B. Crow
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483195742

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A Synopsis of Biology, Second Edition presents a critical review of general topics in the field of biology. This book is organized into eight sections encompassing 164 chapters that discuss the form and structure of living and non-living, as well as the physiology of organism and the environment. Considerable sections are devoted to the anatomy and physiology of the reptile, bird, mammal, and humans; study of the inorganic environment; evolution and heredity of the species; systematic classification of plants; production and cultivation of plant products; preservation, breeding, and cultures of organisms; and definition of epiphytes and climbers. Other sections deal with the dynamics and structure of inorganic compounds and the molecular structure and mode of action of drugs. The analysis of the natural system and the theory of evolution are presented. The remaining sections discuss the distribution of floras and faunas in space. These chapters also focus on the dermal excretion and thermo-regulation. The book can provide useful information to biologists, students, and researchers.

Table of Contents

  • Preface


    Section I.—Form and Structure (Morphology)

    Chapter I.—Living and Non-Living

    Chapter II.—Origin of Life

    Chapter III.—Basic Patterns

    Chapter IV.—The Cell

    Chapter V.—Plants and Animals

    Chapter VI.—Vegetative Reproduction

    Chapter VII.—Asexual Reproduction

    Chapter VIII.—Sexual Reproduction

    Chapter IX.—Alternation Of Generations

    Chapter X.—Development

    Chapter XI.—Plant Tissues

    Chapter XII.—The Alga

    Chapter XIII.—The Lichen

    Chapter XIV.—The Fungus

    Chapter XV.—The Liverwort and The Moss

    Chapter XVI.—The Fern And the Club-Moss

    Chapter XVII.—The Conifer and the Cycad

    Chapter XVIII.—The Flowering Plant

    Chapter XIX.—The Root

    Chapter XX.—The Stem

    Chapter XXI.—The Leaf

    Chapter XXII.—The Flower

    Chapter XXIII.—The Fruit

    Chapter XXIV.—Seeds And Seedlings

    Chapter XXV.—The Protozoan

    Chapter XXVI.—Animal Tissues

    Chapter XXVII.—The Coelenterate

    Chapter XXVIII.—Animal Organs

    Chapter XXIX.—The Echinoderm

    Chapter XXX.—Worms

    Chapter XXXI.—Metameric Segmentation

    Chapter XXXII.—Plant-Like Animals

    Chapter XXXIII.—Molluscs

    Chapter XXXIV.—Amphioxus

    Chapter XXXV.—Arthropods

    Chapter XXXVI.—Cyclostomes

    Chapter XXXVII.—The Dogfish

    Chapter XXXVIII—The Bony Fish

    Chapter XXXIX.—The Amphibian

    Chapter XL.—The Reptile

    Chapter XLI—The Bird

    Chapter XLII.—The Mammal

    Chapter XLIII.—Humanity

    Section II—Functions (Physiology)

    Chapter XLIV.—Matter and Energy

    Chapter XLV.—Chemical Elements

    Chapter XLVI.—Inorganic Compounds

    Chapter XLVII.—Organic Compounds

    Chapter XLVIII.—Solutions

    Chapter XLIX.—The Colloidal State

    Chapter L.—Enzymes

    Chapter LI.—Digestion

    Chapter LII.—Absorption

    Chapter LIII.—Vitamins

    Chapter LIV.—Circulation

    Chapter LV.—Assimilation

    Chapter LVI.—External Respiration

    Chapter LVII.—Internal Respiration

    Chapter LVIII.—Fermentation

    Chapter LIX.—Excretion

    Chapter LX.—Dermal Excretion and Thermo-Regulation

    Chapter LXI.—Growth

    Chapter LXII.—Reproduction

    Chapter LXIII.—Endocrine Control

    Chapter LXIV.—Excitation

    Chapter LXV.—Conduction

    Chapter LXVI.—Response

    Section III.—Organism and Environment (Ecology)

    Chapter LXVII.—The Cosmic Background

    Chapter LXVIII.—The Inorganic Environment

    Chapter LXIX.—Distribution in Time : Epochs

    Chapter LXX.—Periodicity and Seasonal Phenomena

    Chapter LXXI.—Distribution in Space. Floras And Faunas

    Chapter LXXIL—Deep Sea Life

    Chapter LXIII.—-Life of The Shallow Seas

    Chapter LXXIV.—Between the Tides

    Chapter LXXV.—Life of Rivers And Lakes

    Chapter LXXVI.—Life of Ponds

    Chapter LXXVIL—The Soil

    Chapter LXXVIII.—Hidden and Burrowing Organisms

    Chapter LXXIX.—Herbs, Shrubs, and Trees

    Chapter LXXX.—Wet and Dry Habitats

    Chapter LXXXL—Land Animals

    Chapter LXXXII.—Epiphytes and Climbers

    Chapter LXXXIII.—Life in the Air

    Chapter LXXXIV.—Saprophytsm

    Chapter LXXXV.—Parasitism

    Chapter LXXXVI.—Parasitic Mites and Ticks

    Chapter LXXXVII.—Parasitic Insects

    Chapter LXXXVIII.—Parasitic Worms

    Chapter LXXXIX.—Parasitic Protozoa

    Chapter XC.—Parasitic Fungi

    Chapter XCI.—Disease Bacteria and Viruses

    Chapter XCII.—Parasitic Flowering Plants

    Chapter XCIII.—Insectivorous Plants

    Chapter XCIV.—Pests and Enemies

    Chapter XCV.—Food and Feeding

    Chapter XCVI.—Mating and Courtship

    Chapter XCVII.—Care of the Young

    Chapter XCVIII.—Communities of Individuals of the Same Species

    Chapter XCIX.—Communities of Individuals of Different Species

    Section IV.—Evolution and Heredity (Genetics)

    Chapter C.—The Species

    Chapter CI.—The Natural System

    Chapter CII.—The Evolution Theory

    Chapter CIII.—Evidence from Comparative Anatomy

    Chapter CIV.—Evidence from Embryology

    Chapter CV.—Evidence from Fossils

    Chapter CVI.—Evidence from Physiology

    Chapter CVII.—Evidence from Distribution

    Chapter CVIII.—Natural Selection

    Chapter CIX.—Artificial Selection

    Chapter CX.—Sexual Selection

    Chapter CXI.—Inheritance of Acquired Characters

    Chapter CXII.—Variation

    Chapter CXIII.—Mendelism

    Chapter CXIV.—Neo-Mendelism

    Chapter CXV.—The Physical Basis of Heredity

    Chapter CXVI.—The Determination of Sex

    Chapter CXVII.—Mutation

    Chapter CXVIII.—Orthogenesis

    Section V.—Plant Classification (Systematic Botany)



    CXXI.—Bacteria and Fungi










    Section VI.—Animal Classification (Systematic Zoology)


    CXXXII.—Two-Layered Animals

    CXXXIII. Echinodermata










    Section VIL—Applications of Biology (Applied Biology)

    Chapter CXLIII.—Foods

    Chapter CXLIV.—Drugs

    Chapter CXLV.—Other Medical Applications

    Chapter CXLVI.—Cultivation of Plants

    Chapter CXLVII.—Domestication of Animals

    Chapter CXLVIII.—Fishing and Fisheries

    Chapter CXLIV.—Textiles

    Chapter CL.—Other Plant Products

    Chapter CLI.—Hunting and Hawking

    Chapter CLII.—Other Animal Products

    Chapter CLIII.—Veterinary Applications

    Chapter CLIV.—Perfumery and Cosmetics

    Section VIII.—The Technique of Biology (Biotechnology)

    Chapter CLV.—Cultures

    Chapter CLVI.—Breeding

    Chapter CLVII.—Preservation

    Chapter CLVIII.—Dissection

    Chapter CLIX.—Microscopy

    Chapter CLX.—Fine Structure Investigation

    Chapter CLXI.—Fixation

    Chapter CLXII.—Staining

    Chapter CLXIII.—Micro-Manipulation

    Chapter CLXIV.—Microtomy


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  • No. of pages: 1076
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Butterworth-Heinemann 1964
  • Published: January 1, 1964
  • Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483195742

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W. B. Crow

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