A Survival Guide to Children's Nursing

1st Edition


  • Sharon Edwards
  • Imelda Coyne
    • Electronic ISBN 9780702047077

    Key Features

    Organising your job and yourself
    Working with patients
    Clinical information on a wide range of conditions
    Legal, health and safety issues
    Pocket-sized for convenience
    Bullet-points for quick reference
    Great revision aid!

    Table of Contents

      1. General principles of children’s nursing

      1.1 Introduction

      1.2 Emergency care of a child

      2. Assessment and investigations of a child

        1. Identification of problems and scoring systems
        2. Assessment of a child
        3. Haemodynamic monitoring of a child
        4. Diagnostic procedures

      3. Children’s nursing interventions

        1. Interventions
        2. Maintaining nutrition in children
        3. Peritoneal dialysis (PD)
        4. Plasmapheresis
        5. Transplantation
        6. Circulatory support
        7. Intubation and ventilation of a child
        8. Acid-base balance
        9. Caring for a child in a variety of settings

      4. Common conditions in children and reasons for admission

      4.1 General conditions in children: a systems approach

      4.2 Other conditions observed in children

      4.3 Mental ill health in children

      5. Psychosocial and ethical care

        1. Professional and practice issues

      5.2 Psychosocial issues

        1. Palliative care of a child

      6. Drug administration

      6.1 Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

      6.2 Medicines management

      6.3 Classifications of drugs used in children



      Appendix 1 Normal vital signs

      Appendix 2 Units of measurement

      Appendix 3 Drug measurement and calculations

      Useful websites

      Glossary of terms and abbreviations



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