A Practical Guide to Therapeutic Communication for Health Professionals

1st Edition


  • Julie Hosley
  • Elizabeth Molle-Matthews
  • Key Features

    • Easy-to-read style provides practical information, hints, and tips.
    • Test Your Communication IQ boxes provide students with a short self-assessment test at the beginning of each chapter.
    • Spotlight on Future Success boxes provide students with useful, practical tips for improving communication.
    • Taking the Chapter to Work boxes integrated within each chapter are actual case examples with useful tips to guide students to practice and apply what they have learned.
    • Beyond the Classroom Activities exercises at the end of each chapter help students use knowledge learned from topics presented in the chapter.
    • Check Your Comprehension exercises at the end of each chapter provide questions and activities to test student knowledge of chapter content.
    • Communication Surfer Exercises focus on helping students utilize Internet resources to improve their knowledge and application of communication skills.
    • Expanding Critical Thinking at the end of each chapter provides students with additional questions or activities designed to apply critical thinking skills.
    • Legal Eagle boxes provide useful tips that focus on honesty, as well as ethical and legal communication between patients and health care workers.
    • Unique, interactive CD-ROM, packaged with the textbook, includes a variety of application exercises, such as voice mail messages, patient/caregiver interviews, chapter key points, and patient charts.
    • Audio segments on the CD-ROM provide communication in action to help students observe verbal communication examples and apply their skills.

    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction to Communication: Building the Framework
    2. Challenges to Communication: Overcoming the Barriers
    3. Gathering Information: Learning About the Patient
    4. Education Patients: Teaching Patients to Help Themselves
    5. Communicating Wellness: What Does It Take to be Healthy?
    6. Communication Through the Grief Process: When Words are Not Enough
    7. Written Communication: It’s More Than Just Words
    8. Communicating in the Workplace: It’s More Than Just Patients
    9. Communicating to Get the Job You Want: Four Key Tools

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