A Nurse's Survival Guide to the Ward

3rd Edition


  • Ann Richards
  • Sharon Edwards
    • Electronic ISBN 9780702051715

    Key Features

    This book will help you with

    • Organising your job and yourself
    • Assessing patients
    • Getting clinical information on a wide range of conditions
    • Important principles, procedures and investigations
    • Administering drugs safely
    • What to do in an emergency
    • Communication, legal health and safety issues

    Table of Contents

    SECTION 1 Your job and its organization: Organizing yourself; Emergency situations

    SECTION 2 Assessing and investigating: Identification of patient problems; Assessment; Observations and measurements; Procedures and investigations; Nursing care issues

    SECTION 3 Procedures: General principles and procedures; Infection and its control; Fluid and electrolyte balance; Nutritional support

    SECTION 4 A systems approach: The cardiovascular system; The respiratory system; The blood; The gastrointestinal system; The renal system; The nervous system; The endocrine system; Diseases of bones and joints; The immune system; Cancer; Surgery

    SECTION 5 Pharmacology; Drugs and the law: Administration of drugs; Nurse prescribing; Pharmacology in practice; Classification of drugs; Poisoning

    References; Further reading and useful websites;

    Appendix 1 Units of measurement; Appendix 2 Normal values; Appendix 3 Drug measurement and calculations

    Glossary; Index


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