A Course in Real Analysis - 2nd Edition - ISBN: 9780123877741, 9780123877758

A Course in Real Analysis

2nd Edition

Print ISBN: 9780123877741
eBook ISBN: 9780123877758
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 13th January 2012
Page Count: 688

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The second edition of A Course in Real Analysis provides a solid foundation of real analysis concepts and principles, presenting a broad range of topics in a clear and concise manner. The book is excellent at balancing theory and applications with a wealth of examples and exercises. The authors take a progressive approach of skill building to help students learn to absorb the abstract. Real world applications, probability theory, harmonic analysis, and dynamical systems theory are included, offering considerable flexibility in the choice of material to cover in the classroom. The accessible exposition not only helps students master real analysis, but also makes the book useful as a reference.

Key Features

  • New chapter on Hausdorff Measure and Fractals
  • Key concepts and learning objectives give students a deeper understanding of the material to enhance learning
  • More than 200 examples (not including parts) are used to illustrate definitions and results
  • Over 1300 exercises (not including parts) are provided to promote understanding
  • Each chapter begins with a brief biography of a famous mathematician


One- or two- semester course in real analysis for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in mathematics, applied mathematics, computer science, engineering, economics, and physics

Table of Contents

  1. Set Theory
  2. The Real Number System and Calculus
  3. Lebesgue Measure on the Real Line
  4. The Lebesgue Integral on the Real Line
  5. Elements of Measure Theory
  6. Extensions to Measures and Product Measure
  7. Elements of Probability
  8. Differentiation and Absolute Continuity
  9. Signed and Complex Measures
  10. Topologies, Metrics, and Norms
  11. Separability and Compactness
  12. Complete and Compact Spaces
  13. Hilbert Spaces and Banach Spaces
  14. Normed Spaces and Locally Convex Spaces
  15. Elements of Harmonic Analysis
  16. Measurable Dynamical Systems
  17. Hausdorff Measure and Fractals


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"...truly marvelous...weaves an interesting, lively, and crystal clear sequence of ideas comprising the heart of modern analysis. The order of presentation is so carefully chosen and the exposition is so masterful as to possess the traits of a literary art form." --MAA Reviews, January 2015

"The exposition is very clear and unhurried and the book would be useful both as a text and a book for self-study. The last chapters go beyond what is usually covered in analysis courses and this is all to the good." --Sigurdur Helgason, MIT

"There is a literary quality in the writing that is rare in mathematics texts. It is a pleasure to read this book. The exercises are a strong feature of the book and the examples are well chosen and plentiful." --Peter Duren, University of Michigan

"The outstanding features of the book are the wealth of examples and exercises, the interesting biographical data, and the introduction to wavelets and dynamical systems." --Duong H. Phong, Columbia University

"McDonald and Weiss have crafted a treasure chest of exercises in real analysis. Just an amazing and broad collection. Students and researchers will surely benefit from the enormous amount of superb exercises." --Enno Lenzmann, University of Copenhagen

"I was very impressed by the motivating discussions of a number of difficult concepts, along with their fresh approach to the details following. Their general philosophy of starting with concrete ideas, and slowly abstracting, worked well in communicating even the most difficult concepts in the course." --Todd Kemp, University of California, San Diego