DB2 Universal Database (UDB) supports many different types of applications, on many different kinds of data, in many different software and hardware environments.

This book provides a complete guide to DB2 UDB Version 5 in all its aspects, including the interfaces that support end users, application developers, and database administrators. It is complementary to the IBM product documentation, providing a clear and informal explanation of how the features of DB2 were intended to be used. It is an extensive revision of the author's earlier book, Using the New DB2: IBM's Object-Relational Database System.

Key Features

* Offers complete and self-contained information, and does not assume prior knowledge of DB2, SQL, or relational database concepts * Covers elementary principles of database management as well as the advanced features of UDB, including recursive queries, constraints, triggers, user-defined datatypes, stored procedures, parallel databases, and graphical tools for database administration * Includes dozens of practical tips that will save readers many hours of work in developing database applications * Provides hundreds of tested examples written in SQL, C, C++, and Java, all of which are available on the MKP web site

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

1.1 About This Book

1.1.1 Notational Conventions

1.1.2 Syntax Diagrams

1.1.3 Examples

1.1.4 Tips

1.2 Product Overview

1.2.1 UDB Clients and Servers

1.2.2 Related Products

1.2.3 Instances and Databases

1.2.4 Interactive Tools

1.2.5 Application Programs

1.2.6 Dynamic Applications

1.2.7 Stored Procedures

1.2.8 User Roles

1.3 A Brief History of SQL

1.3.1 System R

1.3.2 Products and Standards

1.3.3 Some Controversial Decisions

1.3.4 References

2. Basics

2.1 Tables

2.1.1 Example Database

2.2 Names and Schemas

2.3 Basic SQL Datatypes

2.4 Queries

2.4.1 Expressions

2.4.2 Datetime Arithmetic

2.4.3 Casting

2.4.4 Search Conditions

2.4.5 Joins

2.4.6 Column Functions

2.4.7 Grouping

2.4.8 Query Blocks

2.4.9 Queries and Literal Tables

2.4.10 SELECT Statement

2.4.11 VALUES Statement


2.5 Data Modification

2.5.1 INSERT Statement

2.5.2 UPDATE Statement <


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About the editor

Don Chamberlin

Don Chamberlin is a member of the DB2 development team at the IBM Almaden Research Center, and an adjunct professor of computer engineering at Santa Clara University. Dr. Chamberlin is co-inventor of the original SQL database language. He is an ACM Fellow, a member of the National Academy of Engineering and holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University.