These Proceedings contain the papers presented at The Ninth International World Wide Web Conference (WWW9) held on May 15-19, 2000 in Amsterdam, the capital of The Netherlands. Leaders from industry, academia, and government present the latest developments in Web technology, and discuss the issues and challenges facing the Web community as it moves into the 21st Century.

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Welcome to WWW9! Message from the Program Committee Chair. Credits. Performance. Integrating user-perceived quality into Web server design (N. Bhatti, A. Bouch, A. Kuchinsky). Analyzing factors that influence end-to-end Web performance (B. Krishnamurthy, C.E. Wills). SPREAD: scalable platform for reliable and efficient automated distribution (P. Rodriguez, S. Sibal). Security. Risks of the Passport single signon protocol (D.P. Kormann, A.D. Rubin). Design and implementation of an access control processor for XML documents (E. Damiani, S. De Capitani di Vimercat, S. Paraboschi, P. Samarati). Supporting reconfigurable security policies for mobile programs (B. Hashii, S. Malabarba, R. Pandey, M. Bishop). Rich queries. Squeal: a structured query language for the Web (E. Spertus, L.A. Stein). Robust intra-document locations (T.A. Phelps, R. Wilensky). Integrating keyword search into XML query processing (D. Florescu, D. Kossmann, I. Manolescu). XML session-1. Web modelling Language (WebML): a modeling language for designing Web sites (S. Ceri, P. Fraternali, A. Bongio). JavaML: a markup language for Java source cod (G.J. Badros). An interchange format for cross-media personalized publishing (P. van Amstel, P. van der Eijk, E. Hassdijk, D. Kuilman). Mobile access. Annotation-based Web content transcoding (M. Hori, G. Kondoh, K. Ono, S.i. Hirose, S. Singhal). Focused Web searching with PDSa (O. Buyukkokten, H. Garcia-Molina, A. Paepcke). Two approaches to bringing Internet services to WAP devices (E. Kaasinen, M. Aaltonen, J. Kolari, S. Melakoski, T. Laakko). Storage infrastructure. The Term Vector Database: fast access to indexing terms for Web pages (R. Stata, K. Bharat, F. Maghoul). How dynamic is the Web? (B.E. Brewington, G. Cybenko). WebBase: a repository of Web pages (J. Hirai, S. Raghavan, H. Garcia-Molina, A. Paepcke). Web characterization. On nea


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