22nd European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering

22nd European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering

1st Edition - June 13, 2012

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  • Editors: David Bogle, Michael Fairweather
  • eBook ISBN: 9780444594563

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Computer aided process engineering (CAPE) plays a key design and operations role in the process industries. This conference features presentations by CAPE specialists and addresses strategic planning, supply chain issues and the increasingly important area of sustainability audits. Experts collectively highlight the need for CAPE practitioners to embrace the three components of sustainable development: environmental, social and economic progress and the role of systematic and sophisticated CAPE tools in delivering these goals.

Key Features

  • Contributions from the international community of researchers and engineers using computing-based methods in process engineering
  • Review of the latest developments in process systems engineering
  • Emphasis on a systems approach in tackling industrial and societal grand challenges


Engineers, scientists, researchers, managers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biochemical industry involved in computer assisted process engineering

Table of Contents

  • Preface

    Organising and scientific committees

    Objective reduction in multi-criteria optimization of integrated bioethanol-sugar supply chains

    A water saving methodology for the efficient development of biorefineries

    Economic Value and Environmental Impact analysis tool for sustainable biorefinery design


    A Simulated Annealing Algorithm for the Design and Planning of Supply Chains with Economic and Environmental Objectives

    Sustainable Development of the Hydrological Basin of Lake Koronia using Mathematical Programming and Statistical Analysis

    Integration of Single-Plant Water Networks into an Eco-Industrial Park

    Optimal water network synthesis with membrane separation-based regenerators

    Environomic optimal design and synthesis of energy conversion systems in urban areas

    Towards defining a quantitative methodology to enhance the sustainability performance of major international events.

    Design of an IRCC with CO2 capture utilizing a mixed integer optimization method

    Integrated assessment of carbon capture and storage technologies in coal-based power generation using CAPE tools

    Sustainable design of a reactive distillation system

    Multi-level Design and Selection of Optimum Working Fluids and ORC Systems for Power and Heat Cogeneration from Low Enthalpy Renewable Sources

    Choosing the suitable Carbon dioxide Storage Location in Sedimentary Basins of Korea

    Computer Aided Estimation of Fugitive Emission Rates and Occupational Air Concentration in Process Design

    Integrated tool for simulation and optimization of a first and second generation ethanol-from-sugarcane production plant

    Computer aided evaluation of eco-efficiency of solvent-based algae oil extraction processes for biodiesel production

    Reliable and Efficient Targeting for Optimal Design of SWRO Desalination Processes

    A two-step optimisation approach for integrated water resources management

    Life cycle assessment and optimization on the production of petrochemicals and energy from polymers for the Greater London Area

    Comparative Study of Simulations and Experimental Results of Biodiesel Production Using Two Types of Reactive Distillation Columns

    Integrating Economic and Environmental Aspects in the Design and Planning of Supply Chains

    Multi-objective Optimization of a Membrane Distillation System for Desalination of Sea Water

    Development of a Dynamic Material Flow Analysis Model for French Copper Cycle

    Incorporating CO2 emission trading in the optimal design and planning of chemical supply chain networks under uncertainty

    Comparative Techno-economic Analysis of Biodiesel Production from Microalgae via Transesterification Methods

    Optimization of hybrid anaerobic-aerobic SBR-based systems

    An integrated approach combining process simulation and life cycle assessment for eco-efficient process design

    Product and Mixture Design in Latent Variable Space by Chemometric Techniques

    A Bayesian Network Based Approach for Risk Modeling to Aid in Development of Sustainable Biomass Supply Chains

    Multidisciplinary Approach in Developing Region Specific Optimization Tool for Sustainable Biorefining

    Automated Environmental Evaluation for the Optimization of Chemical Processes

    Semantic Formalism for Waste and Processing Technology Classifications Using Ontology Models

    Evaluation of different cogeneration systems in first and second generation ethanol production from sugarcane

    Economic and environmental assessment of integrated 1st and 2nd generation sugarcane bioethanol production evaluating different 2nd generation process alternatives

    Integrated Modeling of Sugarcane Cultivation and Ethanol Fermentation from Agriculture and Engineering Perspectives

    Evaluation of CO2 capture process and operational challenges by dynamic simulation

    An Agent-based Model for Analyzing Diffusion of Biodiesel Production Schemes

    Integration of Process synthesis and Location- Transportation for the Design of Biomass Conversion Systems

    Indentifying redundant environmental objectives in the design of heat-exchanger networks using rigorous dimensionality reduction techniques.

    Comparison of technology alternative for palm oil biodiesel production using exergy analysis

    Biological Wastewater Treatment

    Utilization of Biomass Feedstocks: A Case Study Based on Rice and Sugar Mills in Thailand

    Computer aided estimation of sustainability of biodiesel production from palm oil.

    Techno-Economic Optimization of IGCC Integrated with Utility System for CO2 Emissions Reduction

    Integration of strategic and operational decision-making for continuous power-intensive processes

    Control Strategies For Flexible Operation Of Power Plant Integrated With Co2 Capture Plant

    Carbon Dioxide Liquefaction Process for Ship Transportation

    Combining coal, natural gas, and nuclear heat for liquid fuels production with reduced CO2 emissions

    Effective Coordination of Simultaneous Delivery Flows into Receipt Terminals of Multiproduct Pipelines

    Hydrogen production through steam electrolysis: a model-based study

    Multi-Objectives, Multi-Period Optimization of district heating networks Using Evolutionary Algorithms and Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP)

    Selection of heat pump technologies for energy efficient distillation

    A Prototype Simulation- based Optimization Approach to Model Feedstock Development for Chemical Process Industry

    Multi-objective optimization of coal-fired electricity production with CO2 capture

    Multi-objective optimization of absorption refrigeration systems involving renewable energy

    Design and Thermal Analysis of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell System Integrated with Ethanol Steam Reforming

    Design of a hydrogen supply chain using multiobjective optimisation

    Numerical Optimization of Steam Cycles and Steam Generators Designs for a Coal to FT plant

    Proposition of methodology for optimization of energy system design under uncertainty

    Investigation of a proton-conducting SOFC with internal autothermal reforming of methane

    Optimisation based analysis of a dwelling with an air source heat pump

    Development an Optimization Model for Green Supply Chains: Integration of CO2 Disposal and Renewable Energy Supply

    Optimization of a Distributed Small Scale Biodiesel Production System in Greater London

    A Model Predictive Control Framework for Residential Microgrids

    Optimal Energy Management and Production Scheduling

    Case Study - Online Energy Management and Optimisation of Utility Generation Assets on Industrial Sites

    Improvements on hydrogen production efficiency based on switching multiple renewable power sources

    Optimal planning of energy management system under demand uncertainty

    Energy Management Strategies for Process Site CO2 Emissions Reduction

    Optimal Residential Solar Photovoltaic Capacity in Grid Connected Applications

    Thermodynamic Efficiency and Cost-Effective Optimization of Heterogeneous Batch Distillation

    An alternative real-time optimization algorithm with modifier adaptation


    Production planning of batch and semi-continuous bioprocesses across multiple biopharmaceutical facilities

    Operational and strategic alignment in the decision process of molecule substitution

    Transportation Planning of Oil Products

    Network Structure and Logistics Efficiency

    Operational, Tactical and Strategical Integration for Enterprise Decision-Making

    Integration of Mathematical Programming and Game Theory for Supply Chain Planning Optimization in Multi-objective competitive scenarios

    Optimum Design and Planning of Resilient and Uncertain Closed-Loop Supply Chains

    A Two-Stage Stochastic Model for the Design and Planning of a Multi-Product Closed Loop Supply Chain

    Towards Integrated Production and Distribution Management

    Realizing Continuous Improvement in Pharmaceutical Technical Operations - Business Process Model in Roche’s Parenterals Production Kaiseraugst

    Integration in Process Industries via Unified Processing Core (UPC) in operational and logistic planning levels

    Design and Planning of Downstream Petroleum Supply Chains

    Application of semantic and lexical analysis to technology forecasting by trend analysis - thematic clusters in separation processes

    Quotation Tool for Process Equipment

    Designing and planning of closed-loop supply chains for risk and economical optimization

    Semantic Support for Industrial Symbiosis Process

    Supply Chain Planning under Uncertainty using Genetic Algorithms

    Multiproduct, multiechelon supply chain analysis under demand uncertainty and machine failure risk

    Synthesis and Design of Processing Networks: Stochastic Formulation and Solution

    Inventory Management for Multi-product Tank Farm Systems using a MILP Model with Rolling Horizon

    MILP-based Approach for the Scheduling of Automated Manufacturing System with Sequence-Dependent transferring times

    Carbon Management in the Chemical Process Arena – a multi-faceted CAPE problem

    Computer-Aided Design and Evaluation of Batch and Continuous Multi-Mode Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes

    A Framework for the Evaluation of Investments in Clean Power-Technologies

    Incorporating Topographical Characteristics in Molecular Signature Descriptors

    Impact of Fouling on Flexible Design and Operation of MSF Desalination Process with Variable Freshwater Demand

    A Genetic Algorithm (GA) based rational approach for design of discrete microfluidic networks

    A general framework for latent variable model inversion to support product and process design

    Modular equipment design in optimization-based process synthesis

    Innovative biodiesel production in a reactive dividing-wall column

    Batch heteroazeotropic distillation with variable decanter hold-up

    Dynamic modelling of margarine manufacturing

    Developing Cost-Effective Processes for Converting Natural Gas into Single Cell Protein

    Multiobjective optimization of membrane processes for chemicals ultrapurification

    Economic and environmental evaluation of microalgae biodiesel production using process simulation tools

    Optimal Dynamic Controllability in Compressor-Aided Distillation Schemes Using Stochastic Algorithms

    A new graphical exergy targeting representation for processes operating above and below ambient temperature

    Process design optimization strategy to develop energy and cost correlations of CO2 capture processes

    Novel MILP-based optimization method for retrofitting heat exchanger networks

    Simultaneous process and working fluid optimisation for Organic Rankine Cycles (ORC) using PC-SAFT

    Model-based Optimization in Pharmaceutical Technical Operations – Yield Measurement and Increase in Roche’s Parenterals Production Kaiseraugst

    Hybrid Simulation-Optimization Logic Based Algorithms for the Rigorous Design of Chemical Process

    Application of Computer Aided Mixture Design in Paints and Coatings

    A Nonlinear Programming Approach to Conceptual Design of Reaction-Separation Systems

    Optimal design of chemical processes with chance constraints

    Predicting a Wide Variety of Constant Pure Compound Properties for Long Chain Substances Using a “Reference Series” Method

    Considering Physical Property Uncertainties in Process Design

    Modeling of open-system process for sustainable production

    High-boiling-point petroleum fractions upgrading using the centrifugal reactive-molecular distillation process over catalyst

    A Novel Method for Designing Flotation Circuits

    Water and Energy Use in Mineral Processing

    Evaluation of the batch distillation process in the ethanol production

    Removal and recovery of organic solvents from wastewater by distillation

    Integrated Operation and Design of a Simulated Moving Bed Reactor

    Modeling and Analysis of Intensified Processes for Economic Recovery of High-Grade Lactic Acid

    Economic Analysis of an Industrial Refining Unit Involving Hydrotreatment of Whole Crude Oil in Trickle Bed Reactor using gPROMS

    Design of glycerol etherification process by constructive nonlinear dynamics

    An Integrated Framework for Flowsheet Synthesis and Molecular Design

    Enhanced bioethanol dehydration in extractive dividing-wall columns

    Enhancing multi-component separation of aromatics with Kaibel columns and DWC

    Genetic Algorithms in the Design of Configurations for Distillation of Quaternary Mixtures using Less than N-1 columns with Thermally Coupling

    Multiobjective Optimization in Distillation with Reactor-Side for Hydrodesulfurization Process of Diesel

    Design and Optimization of Pressure Swing Distillation using a Stochastic Algorithm based in the Boltzmann Distribution

    A Neural Network Application in the Design of Emulsion-Based Products

    Cyclic distillation - towards energy efficient binary distillation

    An integrated framework for product formulation by computer aided mixture design

    Analysis of the Production of Methyl Esters by the Two-Step Supercritical Method using Reactive Distillation

    Environmental and economic optimization of distillation structures to produce anhydrous ethanol

    Ontology-driven description and engineering of Autonomous Systems

    Design of Experiments and Sensitivity Analysis for Microalgal Bioreactor Systems

    Process design of integrated reaction and membrane separation by organic solvent nanofiltration using evolutionary algorithms

    Reactive distillation processes used as unique operation or finishing stage

    New distillation sequences for bioethanol production by extractive distillation

    Optimal design and control of trains of dividing wall columns for the separation of petrochemical mixtures

    A sustainable design and simulation of waste sulfuric acid concentration process for semiconductor industry

    An Integrated Methodology for Design of Tailor-Made Blended Products

    A framework for the design of reacting systems with phase transfer catalysis

    The Solvent Selection framework

    Regular and non-regular production scheduling of multipurpose batch plants

    An Efficient Unit-Specific Event-Based Continuous-Time MILP Formulation for Short-Term Scheduling of Multistage and Multiproduct Batch Plants

    Dynamic behaviour and control of extended Petlyuk distillation arrangements

    Exploiting grid adaptation and structure detection in multi-objective dynamic optimization problems

    Dynamics of reactive distillation for the production of ethyl acetate

    Integrated Model for Refinery Production and Pipeline System Scheduling

    An advanced control solution for a fluid catalytic cracking unit

    Reliable Batch-to-Batch Iterative Learning Control of a Fed-batch Fermentation Process

    Dynamic Validation of Model for Post-Combustion Chemical Absorption CO2 Capture Plant

    PID Control of Reverse Osmosis Based Desalination Process

    Optimal Operation of RO System with Daily Variation of Freshwater Demand and Seawater Temperature

    A stop-and-restart approach to hybrid dynamic optimization problems

    Parameter accuracy vs. decorrelation in optimal experiment design

    Analyzing the effects of uncertainties on the economic performance of a chemical process plant using a probabilistic optimization technique

    Oil Well Drilling Inside Operational Window – Simulation and Experimental Control Studies

    Operational optimization of low-temperature energy systems

    Improving dryer controllability & energy efficiency

    A new data driven index for control performance monitoring

    A Signal Processing Approach for Fault Detection Problem

    Efficient Scheduling of Complex Multipurpose Chemical Batch Processes

    Online Feasibility and Effectiveness of a Spatio-temporal Nonlinear Model Predictive Control. The Case of Methanol Synthesis Reactor

    MINLP model for optimal biocide dosing and maintenance scheduling of seawater cooled plants

    Online real-time inference of ethanol composition in a mixed distillation column

    Dynamic simulation of natural gas liquefaction process

    Linking Scheduling to Control in an Oil Refinery

    A promising OPC-based computer system applied to fault diagnosis

    Quality Assessment Support System and its Use in Pharmaceutical Plant Operations

    Shared Resources Management by Price Coordination

    A Novel Method for Monitoring of Separation Performance in Distillation Columns

    Use Case Driven Development of a Risk Management Tool with Business Process Model for Chemical Plants

    Aggregate Model for Refinery Production Planning

    Control system performance monitoring based on optimal action selection

    Run-to-Run MPC Tuning via Gradient Descent

    Control of Forced Convection Drying in Food Slabs

    Avoiding Oversizing in Plant-Wide Control Designs for Industrial Processes

    A New Dual Modifier-Adaptation Approach for Real-Time Optimization with Inaccurate Models

    Specifying risk level for constraint violation in stochastic systems - a case study on papermaking

    Analysis of Dynamic Behavior of a Thermally Coupled Distillation Column Implemented on a Process with Recycles

    Ontology-based expert system for process supervision

    Control Performance Assessment for a class of Nonlinear Multivariable Systems

    Advanced Control for Anaerobic Digestion Processes

    A novelty detection approach for detecting faulty batches in a photo-Fenton process

    Modeling and simulation of Poly-lactic acid synthesis in batch process for biomedical applications

    Operational optimization of crude oil distillation systems using artificial neural networks

    Improvement of Crude Oil Refinery Gross Margin using a NLP Model of a Crude Distillation Unit System

    Ontology approach to model construction

    Multivariate control chart with a deployed matrix for autocorrelated data

    Estimation of catalyst deactivation parameters of ethyl tert-butyl ether (ETBE) reactors based on industrial plant data

    Reactor network analysis of Claus furnace with detailed kinetics

    Multiscale modelling of spillover processes in heterogeneous catalytic systems

    A stochastic approach to improve the particle size distribution prediction of a classical emulsion polymerization model

    Multiscale simulation for high efficiency biodiesel process intensification

    Simulation and analysis of crystallization of high aspect ratio crystals with fragmentation

    Modelling of Cold Traps for Sodium purification in Fast Reactor

    HAZOP studies using a functional modeling framework

    An Online Inverse Problem for the Simulation of Extraction Columns using Population Balances

    Simulation of bioethanol production process from residual microalgae biomass

    Hydrodynamic And Heat Transfer Modeling Of Polydisperse Fluidized Bed Olefin Polymerization Reactors

    Modelling, validation and control of an evaporative cooling system for scraped surface heat exchangers

    Automated optimization model to perform sensitivity analysis on cost of investment required to upgrade treatment plants in water networks.

    Mathematical investigation of the case hardening phenomenon explained by shrinkage and collapse mechanisms occurring during drying processes

    Dynamic modelling and simulation of Kühni extraction columns

    Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes Modelling of the Near-Field Structure of Accidental Releases of Carbon Dioxide from Pipelines

    Large Eddy Simulation and Particle Impact Kinetics for Bend Erosion Prediction

    Prediction of the Permeability of Packed Beds of Non-Spherical Particles

    Syngas production from sugar cane bagasse in a circulating fluidized bed gasifier using Aspen Plus™: Modelling and Simulation

    Novel Adiabatic Reactor Design for Supercritical Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis

    Process Analysis of Rotary-Type Solar Reactor for Hydrogen Production Systems

    Modeling and simulation of suspension polymerization of vinyl chloride via population balance model

    Computational Study of a Rotating Packed Bed Distillation Column

    Sugarcane bagasse as raw material to Syngas production: 3D simulation of gasification process

    CFD Modelling and Video Analysis Based Model Validation for a Stirred Reactor

    Dynamic Modelling of a Polypropylene Production Plant

    Multi-Scale Modelling of Biomass Pyrolysis Processes

    Information integration

    CFD study of liquid drainage in flotation foams

    Estimation of Kinetic Parameters and Mathematic Model Validation for Nylon-6 Process

    CPFD simulation of fluidized bed flow in FCC regenerator

    CFD Simulation of Three-Dimensional Multiphase Flow in a Rotating Packed Bed

    Monte Carlo simulation of shape evolution in solutions - A model study of BaSO4 precipitation

    Using CAPE to Enhance the Sustainability of Utilizing Natural Gas in Ammonia Production

    Food supply chain planning and quality optimization approach.

    Towards a Generic Tool to Support Multiscale Modelling of Discrete Event Systems

    Extended rate-based model validation for polyester synthesis by reactive distillation

    Prediction of physical properties of non-electrolyte organic compounds by distance weighted group contribution methods

    Simulation Tools for the Design of Optimised Membrane Modules and Processes

    A New Theoretical Result for Convex Nonlinear Generalized Disjunctive Programs and its Applications

    A generalization of classical αBB underestimation to include bilinear terms

    An index reduction method for solving differential algebraic equations

    Linear MPC based on data-driven Artificial Neural Networks for large-scale nonlinear distributed parameter systems

    Surrogate based Optimisation for Design of Pressure Swing Adsorption Systems

    Wavelet-Threshold Influence in Optimal Control Problems

    Intelligent Automation Platform for Bioprocess Development

    Efficient optimization of simulated moving bed processes using reduced order models

    Dual Stochastic Programming for Data Mining Enhancement

    HAZOP - an automaton-inspired approach

    Effect of Topology on Parallel Computing for Optimizing Large Scale Logistics through Binary PSO

    An Approach to Process Monitoring under Probabilistic Constraints

    A Novel Hybrid Simulation-Optimization Approach for the Optimal Design of Multicomponent Distillation Columns

    Reduced Rigorous Models for Efficient Dynamic Simulation and Optimization of Distillation Columns

    State estimators for better bioprocesses operation

    Practical aspects on nonlinear state estimation

    Design of Flotation Circuits Including Uncertainty and Water Efficiency

    Heat Integration in non-Isothermal Systems Using an Alternative Disjunctive Optimization Model

    Global Solution of Min-Max Optimization Problems for Nonlinear Dynamic Systems

    Rigorous computational methods for dimensionality reduction in multi-objective optimization

    An Efficient Adjoint-Free Dynamic Optimization Methodology for Batch Processing using Pontryagin’s Formulation

    A Fractional Calculus Application to Biological Reactive Systems

    Bounding the Solutions of Parametric ODEs


    Identification and Estimation of Functional States in Drinking Water Plant Based On Fuzzy Clustering

    Comparison of surrogate models for wastewater process synthesis

    Homotopy Continuation Solution Method in Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Applications

    Stochastic and hybrid approaches to solve integrated synthesis and operation of batch processes

    Model-based design of experiments for model identification using closed-loop set-point response

    Development of a Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Framework for a PEM Fuel Cell System

    A Numerical Tool for Integrating Renewable Energy into Total Sites with Variable Supply and Demand

    Pilot-plant Simulation, Experimental Campaign and Rigorous Modeling of a Batch MMA Polymerization Reactor for the Fabrication of Bone Tissue

    Probabilistic optimal control of blood glucose under uncertainty

    A novel optimal experiment design technique based on multi-objective optimization and its application for toxin kinetics model of hemodialysis patients

    Optimization of protein A chromatography for antibody capture

    Multiscale Modelling and Simulation of simultaneous Oxygen and Nitric Oxide uptake in the Human Lungs and its application to Methemoglobin Anemia

    Thermodynamically constrained Flux and Control Analysis of Escherichia coli

    In Silico Analysis to Explore the Effect of Various Carbon Sources on Ethanol Production in Zymomonas mobilis

    A Mathematical Programming Approach to Community Structure Detection in Complex Networks

    Improvements on Adaptive Predictive Control for Blood Glucose Regulation in Type I Diabetic Patients

    Virtual Reality and Augmented-Virtual Reality as Tools to Train Industrial Operators

    Use of a distributed simulation environment for training in Supply Chain decision making

    Bridging the Experience Gap - How do we migrate Skills and Knowledge between the Generations?

    Computer aided delivery of case-based learning activities in EBL within chemical engineering curriculum

    Development of a safety education system for SMB operation

    Performance Indicators for the Assessment of Industrial Operators


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