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21st European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780444538956, 9780444538963

21st European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering, Volume 29

1st Edition

Series Volume Editors: E. Pistikopoulos Michael C. Georgiadis Antonis C. Kokossis
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444538956
eBook ISBN: 9780444538963
Imprint: Elsevier
Published Date: 26th May 2011
Page Count: 2082
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Table of Contents


Members of the International Scientific Committee

Detailed Mathematical Modelling of Liquid-Liquid Extraction Columns

Multi-Scale modelling of a membrane reforming power cycle with CO2 capture

Modeling the liquid back mixing characteristics for a kinetically controlled reactive distillation process

Application of computer-aided multi-scale modelling framework - Aerosol case study

Sensitivity of shrinkage and collapse functions involved in pore formation during drying

A Reduced-Order Approach of Distributed Parameter Models Using Proper Orthogonal Decomposition

A Process Unit Modeling Framework within a Heterogeneous Simulation Environment

Mathematical description of mass transfer in supercritical-carbon-dioxide-drying processes

Three-moments conserving sectional techniques for the solution of coagulation and breakage population balances

Modelling and Simulation of Forced Convection Drying of Electric Insulators

Comprehensive Mathematical Modeling of Controlled Radical Copolymerization in Tubular Reactors

An Efficient High Resolution FEM for PDE Systems

Simulation of Reactive Absorption: Model Validation for CO2-MEA system

A CFD-Population Balance Model for the Simulation of Kühni Extraction Column

CFD Study on the Application of Rotary Kiln in Pyrolysis

Towards a Generic Simulation Environment for Multiscale Modelling based on Tool Integration

Integral Formulation of the Population Balance Equation using the Cumulative QMOM

Integration of Generic Multi-dimensional Model and Operational Policies for Batch Cooling Crystallization

A Multi-scale Systems Approach to Granulation Process Design

Multi-scale modeling of activated sludge floc structure formation in wastewater bioreactors

A Multi-layered Ontology for Physical-Chemical-Biological Processes

Modeling and simulation of a gas cleaning section in a Cu/Ni metallurgical plant

A novel approach to the biomass pyrolysis step and product lumping

Towards a rigorous model of electrodialysis processes

Stochastic Monte Carlo Simulations as an Efficient Multi-Scale Modeling Tool for the Prediction of Multi-Variate Distributions

Modeling of a batch emulsion copolymerization reactor in the presence of a chain transfer agent

Multiscale modeling of chemical vapor deposition of silicon

3D Cellular automata for modeling of spray freeze drying process

Spatially 3D simulation of a catalytic monolith by coupling of 1D channel model with CFD

A generic framework for stochastic dynamic simulation of chemical engineering systems using free/open source software

Modelling of micro- and nano-patterned electrodes for the study and control of spillover processes in catalysis

Multiscale Modeling of a Silicon Solar Wafer Manufacturing Process

Process modelling and model reduction for chemical engineering applications

General-purpose graphics processing units application for diffusion simulation using cellular automata

Mercury Transformation Modelling with Bromine Addition in Coal Derived Flue Gases

Optimal design of multiple dividing wall columns based on genetic programming

Retrofit design of a pharmaceutical batch process considering green chemistry and engineering principles

Design and control of an energy integrated biodiesel process

A systematic approach towards applicability of reactive distillation

Strategies for the Robust Simulation of Thermally Coupled Distillation Sequences

Spatiotemporal pattern formation in an electrochemical membrane reactor during deep CO removal from reformate gas

Optimization of Design and Operation of Reverse Osmosis Based Desalination Process Using MINLP Approach Incorporating Fouling Effect

Logic-Sequential Approach to the Synthesis of Complex Thermally Coupled Distillation Systems.

Computer Aided Design and Analysis of Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes

Phenomena-based Process Synthesis and Design to achieve Process Intensification

A Novel Process Design for the Hydroformylation of Higher Alkenes.

Flowsheet Optimization by Memetic Algorithms

Biomass to chemicals

A strategy to extend reactive distillation column performance under catalyst deactivation

Separation Circuits Analysis and Design, Using Sensitivity Analysis

Feasibility of reactive pressure swing batch distillation in a double column configuration

Lipid Processing Technology: Building a Multilevel Modeling Network

Enhancement of Productivity of Distillate Fractions by Crude Oil Hydrotreatment: Development of Kinetic Model for the Hydrotreating Process

Modeling and design of reacting systems with phase transfer catalysis

A systematic methodology for the design of continuous active pharmaceutical ingredient production processes

Synthesis tool for separation processes in the pharmaceutical industry

New algorithm for the determination of product sequences in azeotropic batch distillation

Designing multi-product biopharmaceutical facilities using evolutionary algorithms

A retrofit strategy to achieve “Fast, Flexible, Future (F3)” pharmaceutical production processes

Modified Case Based Reasoning cycle for Expert Knowledge Acquisition during Process design.

Integrating process simulation and MINLP methods for the optimal design of absorption cooling systems

A method for the design and planning operations of heap leaching circuits

A data mining approach for efficient systems optimization under uncertainty using stochastic search methods

Integrated Design of a Reactor and a Gas-Expanded Solvent

Computer Aided Flowsheet Design using Group Contribution Methods

A Business Process Model for Process Design that Incorporates Independent Protection Layer Considerations

Conceptual design of glycerol etherification processes

Dynamic Conceptual Design under Market Uncertainty and Price Volatility

Analysis of separation possibilities of multicomponent mixtures

A computer tool for the development of poly(lactic acid) synthesis process from renewable feedstock for biomanufacturing

Robust optimisation methodology for the process synthesis of continuous technologies

A Shortcut Design for Kaibel Columns Based on Minimum Energy Diagrams

A superstructure optimization approach for optimal refinery water network systems synthesis with membrane-based regenerators

New generalised double-column system for batch heteroazeotropic distillation

Design of an Optimal Biorefinery

A Novel Design Concept for the Oxidative Coupling of Methane Using Hybrid Reactors

Comparison of Extractive and Pressure-Swing Batch Distillation for Acetone-Methanol Separation

Constructive nonlinear dynamics for reactor network synthesis with guaranteed robust stability

Systems Analysis of Benign Hydrogen Peroxide Synthesis in Supercritical CO2

Design of pervaporation modules based on computational process modelling

Surrogate-based VSA Process Optimization for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture

Design of flexible process flow sheets with a large number of uncertain parameters

A Design methodology for Internally HeatIntegrated Distillation Columns (IHIDiC) with side condensers and side reboilers (SCSR)

Development of a synthesis tool for Gas-To-Liquid complexes.

Pareto-Navigation in Chemical Engineering

Integration of ontology and knowledge-based optimization in process synthesis applications

Feasibility analysis of black-box processes using an adaptive sampling kriging based method

Multiobjective Optimization for Plastic Sheet Production

Systematic identification and robust control design for uncertain time delay processes

Control and dynamic optimization of a BTX dividing-wall column

Process Dynamic Optimization Using ROMeo

Model based optimisation of a cyclic reactor for the production of hydrogen

Multi-objective optimisation approach to optimal experiment design in dynamic bioprocesses using ACADO toolkit

A disturbance estimation approach for online model-based redesign of experiments in the presence of systematic errors

A Semidefinite Programming Approach to Portfolio Optimization

Increase the catalytic cracking process efficiency by implementation an optimal control structure. Case study

Experimental Evaluation of a Robust NMPC Strategy for an Unstable Nonlinear Process

Economic Plantwide Control of C4 Isomerization Process

Application of Graphic Processing Unit in Model Predictive Control

Statistical Process Control of Multivariate Systems with Autocorrelation

Implementation of model predictive controller in a pharmaceutical development plant

A Hybrid Branch-and-Cut Approach for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem

Design of robust PID controller for processes with stochastic uncertainties

MPC vs. PID. The advanced control solution for an industrial heat integrated fluid catalytic cracking plant

Plantwide Control of a Cumene Manufacture Process

A robust optimization based approach to the general solution of mp-MILP problems

A deterministic optimization approach for the unit commitment problem

Tight Convex and Concave Relaxations via Taylor Models for Global Dynamic Optimization

Simulation-based dynamic optimization of discretely controlled continuous processes

Evaluation of Steady State Multiplicity for the Anaerobic Degradation of Solid Organic Waste

Towards global optimization of combined distillation-crystallization processes for the separation of closely boiling mixtures

Time Optimal Control of Particle Size Distribution in Emulsion Polymerization

Multi-objective optimization of three-phase batch extractive distillation

Integrating Graph-based Representation and Genetic Algorithm for Large-Scale Optimization: Refinery Crude Oil Scheduling

Self-adaptive Differential Evolution with Taboo List for Constrained Optimization Problems and Its Application to Pooling Problems

Disturbance Estimation via Moving Horizon Estimation for In-flight Model-based Wind Estimation

Deterministic global optimization of kinetic models of metabolic networks: outer approximation vs. spatial branch and bound

Optimal Grade Transitions in an Industrial Slurry Phase Catalytic Olefin Polymerization Loop Reactor Series

Nonlinear State Estimation with Delayed Measurements. Application to Polymer Processes

Optimal controlled variable selection using a nonlinear simulation-optimization framework


Comparison of Gradient Estimation Methods for Real-time Optimization

Multiobjective optimization of the pulp/water storage towers in design of paper production systems

Combined nonlinear model reduction and multiparametric nonlinear programming for nonlinear model predictive control

Multi-Model MPC for Nonlinear Systems

Integrated Design and Control of Pressure Swing Adsorption Systems

A robust MILP-based approach to vehicle routing problems with uncertain demands

An Improved Formulation for the Process Control Structure Selection based on Economics Problem

Software application for intelligent control of a bioprocess. Case study

Integration of a multilevel control system in an ontological information environment

Control Structure Selection with Regard to Stationary and Dynamic Performance with Application to A Ternary Distillation Column

The Coulomb Glass - Modeling and Computational Experience with a Large Scale 0–1 QP Problem

Reliable optimal control of a fed-batch fermentation process using ant colony optimisation and bootstrap aggregated neural network models

Integrated process and control design by the normal vector approach

Calibration of a polyethylene plant model for grade change optimisations

Membrane process optimization for hydrogen peroxide ultrapurification

Dynamic optimization of porous media combustor using a greybox neural model and NMPC technique

Monte Carlo Assessment of the Arrival Cost Evaluation Method in Moving Horizon Estimation for Chemical Processes

Adaptive Advanced Control of a Copolymerization System

Control of processes with multiple steady states using MPC and RBF neural networks

Simulation Optimization of Cost, Safety and Displacements in a Construction Design

Methodologies for input-output data exchange between LabVIEW® and MATLAB®/Simulink®software for Real Time Control of a Pilot Scale Distillation Process

Plant-wide optimisation and control of a multi-scale pharmaceutical process

Optimization of Hybrid Reactive Distillation-Pervaporation System

Dynamic Modeling and Optimization of Flash Separators for Highly-Viscous Polymerization Processes

Role of MPC in Building Climate Control

Efficient Computation of First- and Second-Order Sensitivities Using an Internal Forward Differentiation Scheme

A novel approximation technique for online and multi-parametric model predictive control

Multi-Parametric Model Predictive Control of an Automated Integrated Fuel Cell Testing Unit

Use of commercial structured databases as innovative solution for FEED projects

Controlled Variables from Optimal Operation Data

Optimization of IMC-PID Tuning Parameters for Adaptive Control: Part 1

System identification using wavelet analysis

Robust Reallocation and Upgrade of Sensor Networks for Fault Diagnosis

Explicit/Multi-Parametric Model Predictive Control of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

A Reformulation Scheme for Parameter Estimation of Hybrid Systems

Dynamic optimization of bioreactors using probabilistic tendency models and Bayesian active learning

Plantwide Control Design of a Postcombustion CO2 Capture Process

A theoretically rigorous approach to soft sensor development using Principal Components Analysis

Approximate Multi-Parametric Programming based B&B Algorithm for MINLPs

Experimental Comparison of Type-1 and Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controllers for the Control of Level and Temperature in a Vessel

Simulation-based Dynamic Optimization under Uncertainty of an Industrial Biological Process

Parallel Solution of Large-Scale Dynamic Optimization Problems

Optimization of simulated moving bed chromatography with fractionation and feedback incorporating an enrichment step

Tuning a Distillation Column Simulator

A Comparative Study of MPC-Based Control Configurations of an Industrial Bioreactor to Produce Ethanol

Control of an azeotropic distillation process to acetonitrile production

Optimal Temperature Tracking of a Solid State Fermentation Reactor

Receding Nonlinear Kalman (RNK) Filter for Nonlinear Constrained State Estimation

Free Radicals Copolymerization Optimization, System

Convex optimization for shape manipulation of multidimensional crystal particles

A Worst-Case Observer for Impurities in Enantioseparation by Preferential Crystallization

A Simulated Annealing Approach for the BiObjective Design and Scheduling of Multipurpose Batch Plants

Robust Logistics Network Modeling and Design against Uncertainties

Operating Procedure Synthesis Subject to Restricted State Transition Using Differential Evolution

MILP Formulation for Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problems

Self-learning of fault diagnosis identification

Complex Network Optimization in FMCG

Freshwater Production by MSF Desalination Process: Coping with Variable Demand by Flexible Design and Operation

Optimal run length in Factory operations to reduce overall costs

Batch sizing in multi-stage, multi-product batch production systems

Decision Support System for Multiproduct Pipeline and Inventory Management Systems

Ice Cream Scheduling

Production Optimization and Scheduling across a Steel Plant

Simultaneous Optimization of Planning and Scheduling in an Oil Refinery

Efficient Scheduling of Batch Plants Using Reachability Tree Search for Timed Automata with Lower Bound Computations

Robust Market Launch Planning for a Multi-Echelon Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

A new Coordination Heuristic for Plant-wide Planning and Scheduling

Optimization of Closed-Loop Supply Chains under Uncertain Quality of Returns

Integrated Refinery Planning under Product Demand Uncertainty

Modelling and dynamic optimisation for optimal operation of industrial tubular reactor for propane cracking

An Efficient Mathematical Framework for Detailed Production Scheduling in Food Industries

Corporate Production Planning for Industrial Gas Supply Chains under Low-Demand Conditions

Standards for Continual Scheduling of Batch Operations

New Scheduling Approach for Shared Resources and Mixed Storage Policies

Optimal Scheduling of Multi-Level Tree-Structure Pipeline Networks

New Tools for the Detailed Scheduling of Refined Products Pipelines

A rigorous mathematical formulation to Automated Wet-Etch Station scheduling with multiple material-handling robots in Semiconductor Manufacturing Systems

A MILP Planning Model for a Real-world Multiproduct Pipeline Network

Improving supply chain management in a competitive environment

Optimal Scheduling of Biodiesel Plants through Property-based Integration with Oil Refineries

Integration of financial statement analysis in the optimal design and operation of supply chain networks

Integrated production planning and scheduling optimization of multi-site, multi-product process industry

Simulation-based reactive scheduling in tomato processing plant with raw material uncertainty

Scenario-Based Strategic Supply Chain Design and Analysis for the Forest Biorefinery

The Role of Supply Chain Analysis in Market-Driven Product Portfolio Selection for the Forest Biorefinery

Real-time Process Management in Particulate and Pharmaceutical Systems

Modeling Next Generation Feedstock Development for Chemical Process Industry

Prediction of the Permeability and Filtration Performance of Packed Beds

Study of Closed Operation Modes of Batch Distillation Columns

Dynamic failure assessment of incidents reported in the Greek Petrochemical Industry

A continuous-time MILP to compute schedules with minimum changeover times for a make-and-pack production

An Evaluation Method for Plant Alarm System Based on a Two-Layer Cause-Effect Model

Generating cause-implication graphs for process systems via blended hazard identification methods

Integrated Supply Chain Planning for Multinational Pharmaceutical Enterprises

Data Mining and Decision Making Tool Development for an Industrial Dual Sequential Batch Reactor

A Novel CP Approach for Scheduling an Automated Wet-Etch Station

Agent-based coordination framework for disruption management in a chemical supply chain

Recipe-driven dynamic hybrid simulation of batch processes

Recipe-based Batch Process Engineering Tool for Development Workflow

Superstructure Approach to Batch Process Scheduling by S-graph Representation

The TriLab and ilough-Lab portal - Systematic evaluation of the use of remote and virtual laboratories in engineering education

Long Distance Operator Training

Modularization within the framework of the course Computer-Aided Plant Design

Academic performance and success rate

Is it possible to improve creativity? If yes, how do we do it?

Use of Advanced Educational Technologies in a Process Simulation Course

MOSAIC, an environment for web-based modeling in the documentation level

Addressing interdisciplinary process engineering design, construction and operations through 4D virtual environments

Integrating Alternate Reality Games and Social Media in Engineering Education

Supply Chain Design and Planning with Environmental Impacts

Modelling the Natural Gas Pipeline Internal Corrosion Rate Resulting from Hydrate Formation

Multilevel strategies for the retrofit of a large industrial water system

Synthesis of water integration networks in ecoindustrial parks

Eco Industrial Parks for Water and Heat Management

Effect of Demister Separation Efficiency on the Freshwater Purity in MSF Desalination Process

Evaluation of CO2 absorption-desorption cycle by dynamic modeling and simulation

CO2 Sustainable Recovery Network Cluster for Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Minimization of the life cycle impact of chemical supply chain networks under demand uncertainty

Design of an electric and electronic equipment recovery network in Portugal - Costs vs. Sustainability

Multiscale whole-systems design and analysis of CO2 capture and transport networks

On the model based optimization of secreting mammalian cell cultures via minimal glucose provision

A systematic methodology for the synthesis of unit process chains using Life Cycle Assessment and Industrial Ecology Principles

Integrating Economic, Environmental and Social Indicators for Sustainable Supply Chains

Evaluating the reactivity of limestone utilized in Flue Gas Desulfurization. An application of the Danckwerts theory for particles reacting in acidic environments and agitated vessels with Archimedes number less than 40

Sustainability in Chemical Processes

Design and Simulation of Eco-Efficient Biodiesel Manufacture

New Environmentally-Conscious Design Approach and Evaluation Tool for Chemical Processes

Optimal Reactor Design for the Hydroformylation of Long Chain Alkenes in Biphasic Liquid Systems

Optimal design of real world industrial wastewater treatment networks

A Mixed-Integer Programming Model for Pollution Trading

Modelling and process integration of carbon dioxide capture using membrane contactors

Increasing the Understanding of the BP Texas City Refinery Accident

Integrating process simulation, multi-objective optimization and LCA for the development of sustainable processes

Multi-objective optimization of integrated bioethanol-sugar supply chains considering different LCA metrics simultaneously

Determination of biorestoration strategies in eutrophic water bodies through the formulation of an optimal control problem based on a 3D ecological model

Integration of Carbon Footprint Minimization into the Process Design of SWRO Desalination Pretreatment

Optimization of a Sequencing Batch Reactor process for waste water treatment using a two step nitrification model

Optimization of solar assisted reverse osmosis plants considering economic and environmental concerns

Dynamic modelling of the margarine production process

Microbial Strain Design for Biochemical Production Using Mixed-integer Programming Techniques

A Comprehensive Multi-Scale Modeling of Heterogeneities in Mammalian Cell Culture Processes

Population balance modelling of homogeneous and heterogeneous cellulose hydrolysis

Predicting microbial growth kinetics with the use of genetic circuit models

A combined growth kinetics, metabolism and gene expression model for 3D ESC bioprocesses

Toward Online Control of Glycosylation in MAbs

Population balance modelling of influenza virus replication during vaccine production – Influence of apoptosis

Assessment of Jatropha Curcas bioprocess for fuel production using LCA and CAPE

Methodological Approach for Modeling of Multienzyme in-pot Processes

Systematic Data and Knowledge Utilization to Speed up Bioprocess Design

Integration of stochastic simulation with advanced multivariate and visualisation analyses for rapid prediction of facility fit issues in biopharmaceutical processes

Standards for Continual Scheduling of Batch Operations

Optimizing cyanobacteria metabolic network for ethanol production

Dynamic process monitoring and fault detection in a batch fermentation process

Techno-Economic Assessment and Risk Analysis of Biorefinery Processes

BIOCORE- A systems integration paradigm in the real-life development of a lignocellulosic biorefinery

Prediction of activation of metabolic pathways via dynamic optimization

Non linear identification of Spirulina maxima growth and characteristics

Real-time optimization for lactic acid production from sucrose fermentation by Lactobacillus plantarum

Model-based Dynamic Optimisation of Microbial Processes for the High-Yield Production of Biopolymers with Tailor-made Molecular Properties

Systematic Procedure for Integrated Process Operation

Bioprocessing of exopolysaccharides (EPS)

Simultaneous design and scheduling of a plant for producing ethanol and derivatives

Glycerol metabolic conversion to succinic acid using Actinobacillus succinogenes

Design and Operation of a Continuous Reactor for Acid Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Biomass

Viscosity Prediction of Compounds Derived from Castor Oil

Global sensitivity analysis in bioreactor networks

Graph Theory Augmented Recursive MILP Approach for Identifying Multiple Minimal Reaction Sets in Metabolic Networks

Model-driven design based on sensitivity analysis for a synthetic biology application

Simulations of hydrodynamic stress in stirred-tank bioreactors using CFD technology

A framework for model-based optimization of bioprocesses under uncertainty

Robust optimal control of a biochemical reactor with multiple objectives

System inversion of multidimensional population balance systems

Implementation and initial evaluation of a decision support platform for selecting production routes of biomass-derived chemicals

Multi-Scale Modeling of PLGA Microparticle Drug Delivery Systems

Computational Molecular Design of Drug Delivery Vehicles for Anti-HIV Microbicides

Towards in silico models of decomplexification in human endotoxemia

Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling and Predictive Control

A Novel Physiologically Based Compartmental Model for Volatile Anaesthesia

Modelling of the Insulin Delivery System for patients with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Towards a high-fidelity model for model based optimisation of drug delivery systems in acute myeloid leukemia

From Chemical Process Diagnosis to Cancer Prognosis

Computational Investigation of Vascular Surgical Interventions on Popliteal Artery Aneurysms

A Minimal Exercise Extension for Models of the Glucoregulatory System

Three Dimensional Simulation and Experimental Investigation of Intrathecal Drug Delivery in the Spinal Canal and the Brain

A Computational Model of Cerebral Vasculature, Brain Tissue, and Cerebrospinal Fluid

Systems engineers’ role in biomedical research

Physiologically-Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling: Parameter Estimation for Cyclosporin A

Disease Classification through Integer Optimisation

Optimal design of chitosan-based scaffolds for controlled drug release using dynamic optimization

Insulin Administration for People with Type 1 diabetes

A Variational Bayesian Approach for Dosage Regimen Individualization*

Development of a fuzzy expert system for the control of glycemia in type 1 diabetic patients

Controlling Particle Size in a Novel Spinning Disc Continuous Stir Tank and Settler Reactor for the Continuous Synthesis of Titania

Simultaneous Design of Ionic Liquids and Azeotropic Separation Processes

GPU-Based Parallel Calculation Method for 1Molecular Weight Distribution of Batch Free Radical Polymerization

Chemicals-Based Formulation Design

Simultaneous prediction of phase behaviour and second derivative properties with a group contribution approach (SAFT-γ Mie)

A Lattice Boltzmann Method for Non Ideal Gases Based on the Gradient Theory of Interfaces

Towards robust fabrication of non-periodic nanoscale systems via directed self assembly

Models driven conception of an Computer Aided Mixture Design tool

Iterative learning control of a reactive polymer composite moulding process using batch-wise updated linearised models

CFD Modelling of the Demister in the Multi Stage Flash Desalination plant

Predicting a Variety of Constant Pure Compound Properties by the Targeted QSPR Method

PSE in Pharmaceutical Process Development

Molecular Design of Biofuel Additives for Optimization of Fuel Characteristics

Online estimation of crystal size distribution (CSD) within industrial gibbsite precipitation plants

Simulation of Water Gas Shift Membrane Reactors by a Two-dimensional Model

Potential Impacts and Modelling of the Heat Loss Due to Copper Chelation in Natural Gas Processing and Transport

Optimal biorefinery planning considering simultaneously economic and environmental objectives

Reduce Costs and Energy Consumption of Deethanizing and Depropanizing Fractionation Steps in NGL Recovery Process

Ethanol from corn

A Mixed-Integer Programming Approach to Infrastructure Planning for Chemical Centres

A Multi-Objective Optimization Method to integrate Heat Pumps in Industrial Processes

Techno-economical and environmental evaluations of IGCC power generation process with carbon capture and storage (CCS)

Reynolds Number Effects on Particle Dispersion and Deposition in Turbulent Square Duct Flows

Multiscale Modeling of Biorefineries

Towards Second Generation Bioethanol

Optimization of lignocellulosic based diesel

Using Low-Grade Heat for Solvent Extraction based Efficient Water Desalination

Impact of hydrogen injection in natural gas infrastructures

Optimal Design and Operation of Distributed Energy Systems

Process Synthesis with Heat and Power Integration of Thermochemical Coal, Biomass, and Natural Gas Hybrid Energy Processes

A Novel Catalytic Strategy for the Production of Liquid Fuels from Ligno-cellulosic Biomass

Optimizing the Lignocellulosic Biomass-to-Ethanol Supply Chain

Modeling and Simulation of the Production of Lead and Elementary Sulphur from Lead Sulphide Concentrates

Strategic Planning of Petroleum Supply Chains

Network generation and analysis of complex biomass conversion systems

Fractional-order transfer functions applied to the modeling of hydrogen PEM fuel cells

An Integrated Approach to Optimal Pipeline Routing, Design, Operation and Maintenance

General Methodology for Exergy Balance in a Process Simulator

Process Modelling of Entrained Flow Gasification

Modeling post-combustion CO2 capture with amine solvents

Modelling biomass and biofuels supply chains

Design and performance optimization of hybrid energy systems

Recurrent neural network prediction of steam production in a Kraft recovery boiler

Improved Wind Power Forecasting with ARIMA Models

Power reduction in air separation units for oxy-combustion processes based on exergy analysis

An MILP Model for the Strategic Design of the UK Bioethanol Supply Chain

Long-Term Planning of Wind Farm Siting in the Electricity Grid

Optimal location of gasification plants for electricity production in rural areas

Multi-objective optimization of the electricity production from coal burning

Detailed Operation Scheduling and Control for Renewable Energy Powered Microgrids

Optimization of mixed-refrigerant system in LNG liquefaction process

BOG Handling Method for Energy Saving in LNG Receiving Terminal

Oil Well Drilling Process - Simulation and Experimental Multi-Objective Studies

Economic MPC for Power Management in the SmartGrid

Fisher information based time-series segmentation of streaming process data for monitoring and supporting on-line parameter estimation in energy systems

NMPC for Oil Reservoir Production Optimization

Optimization of LNG plants – challenges and strategies

Site-wide process integration for low grade heat recovery

Novel optimization method for retrofitting heat exchanger networks with intensified heat transfer

A CFD-process model of steam generation in a power plant by a thermosyphon system

Techno-Economic Analysis for Ethylene and Methanol Production from the Oxidative Coupling of Methane Process

The Effects of Electricity Storage on Large Scale Wind Integration

Co-production of ethanol, hydrogen and biogas using agro-wastes. Conceptual plant design and NPV analysis for mid-size agricultural sectors

Energy Systems Analysis for a Renewable Transportation Sector

Prediction of Conversion of a Packed Bed of Fuel Particles on a Forward Acting Grate by the Discrete Particle Method (DPM)

Monitor and diagnosis of LNG plant fractionation process using k-mean clustering and principal component analysis

Design of Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle plant with Carbon Capture and Storage based on co-gasification of coal and biomass

Low Temperature Process Design: Challenges and Approaches for using Exergy Efficiencies

Optimization of sustainable energy planning with consideration of uncertainties in learning rates and external cost factors

Analysis of Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) Power Plant Based on Climate Change Scenarios with Respect to CO2 Capture Ratio


Modeling and Optimization of Supercritical Phase Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis

Optimization of pipeline unloading operations in an LPG terminal

Assessment for Carbon Capture and Storage Opportunities

Methodology for Maximising the Use of Renewables with Variable Availability

Exergy-based methods for computer-aided design of energy conversion systems

Computational support as efficient sophisticated approach in waste-to-energy systems

Regional Optimizer (RegiOpt) – Sustainable energy technology network solutions for regions

Improving Energy Efficiency of a Dyes Intermediates Synthesis Plant. A Developing Country Specific Case Study

Evaluation of Design Issues and Automation Infrastructure in a Solar-Hydrogen Production Unit at CERTH in Thessaloniki

Optimal Operation of a Concentrated Solar Thermal Cogeneration Plant

The role of energy consumption in batch process scheduling

Modeling Fluid Flow of Vipertex Enhanced Heat Transfer Tubes

Energy targeting in heat integrated water networks with isothermal mixing

Design of renewable energy systems incorporating uncertainties through pinch analysis

Sustainable LCA-based MIP Synthesis of Biogas Processes

Energy, Water and Process Technologies Integration for the Simultaneous Production of Ethanol and Food from the entire Corn Plant

Ontology-Driven Design of an Energy Management System1

Synthesis of Flexible Palm Oil-Based Regional Energy Supply Chain



The European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering (ESCAPE) series presents the latest innovations and achievements of leading professionals from the industrial and academic communities. The ESCAPE series serves as a forum for engineers, scientists, researchers, managers and students to present and discuss progress being made in the area of computer aided process engineering (CAPE). European industries large and small are bringing innovations into our lives, whether in the form of new technologies to address environmental problems, new products to make our homes more comfortable and energy efficient or new therapies to improve the health and well being of European citizens. Moreover, the European Industry needs to undertake research and technological initiatives in response to humanity's "Grand Challenges," described in the declaration of Lund, namely, Global Warming, Tightening Supplies of Energy, Water and Food, Ageing Societies, Public Health, Pandemics and Security. Thus, the Technical Theme of ESCAPE 21 will be "Process Systems Approaches for Addressing Grand Challenges in Energy, Environment, Health, Bioprocessing & Nanotechnologies."


Engineers, scientists, researchers, managers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biochemical industry involved in computer assisted process engineering


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26th May 2011
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About the Series Volume Editors

E. Pistikopoulos

Michael C. Georgiadis

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Chemical Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Antonis C. Kokossis

He is now serving as the co-director of the National Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry, a National Representative of Directorate I (Climate Change & Environment), Affiliate of IEA Bioenergy and EERA Bioenergy, and the Greek Delegate of the Computer Aided Process Engineering (CAPE) group of EFCE. Dr. Kokossis received his Diploma in Chemical Engineering from National Technical University of Athens, Greece and Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University (USA). His expertise includes process systems design, modelling, process integration, and optimization. He published academic papers extensively and has consulted with the process industry including UOP, Bayer, Mitsubishi, Eastman, MW Kellogg, BP Oil, Uniliver and more recently, with biorefineries and small companies on renewables.

Affiliations and Expertise

School of Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Greece