The twelfth Congress on Catalysis was held in Granada (Spain) under the auspices of the International Association of Catalysis Societies and the Spanish Society of Catalysis. These four-volume Proceedings are the expression of the Scientific Sessions which constituted the main body of the Congress. They include 5 plenary lectures, 1 award lecture, 8 keynote lectures, 124 oral presentations and 495 posters. The oral and poster contributions have been selected on the basis of the reports of at least two international reviewers, according to standards comparable to those used for specialised journals.


For scientists and researchers working in various fields of the general subject of catalysis.

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Selected contents and section headings: Plenary Lectures. In situ characterization of catalysts (H. Topsøe). Pollution abatement through heterogeneous catalysis for preserving clean air (M. Iwamoto). Molecular design of heterogeneous catalysts (M.E. Davis). Millisecond chemical reactions and reactors (L.D. Schmidt). Catalysis for oil refining and petrochemistry, recent developments and future trends (G. Martino). Award Conference. New catalysis from metal oxide surface science (M.A. Barteau). Keynote Lectures. From unit operations to elementary processes: a molecular and multidisciplinary approach to catalyst preparation (M. Che). Acidity in zeolite catalysis (R.A. van Santen, F.J.M.M. de Gauw). Engineered solid catalysis for synthesis of fine chemicals in multiphasic reactant system (D.E. De Vos et al.). New solid acid based breakthrough technologies (S.A. Gembicki). Application of titanium oxide photocatalysts and unique second-generation TiO2 photocatalysts able to operate under visible light irradiation for the reduction of environmental toxins on a global scale (M. Anpo). Catalysis for fine chemicals: an industrial perspective (P. Métivier). Oxidative methanol reforming reactions for the production of hydrogen (J.L.G. Fierro). Supported metallocenes: monosite and multisite catalysts for olefin polymerization (F. Ciardelli et al.). Oral Communications. Session A. Preparation of catalysts. Catalysis on metals and metal oxides. Refining and petrochemistry. Catalyst characterisation. Session B. Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. Application of theoretical methods to catalysis. Fuel cells and electrocatalysis. Reactor engineering and catalytic processes. Catalysis on sulfides, nitrides and carbides. Catalysis for fine chemica


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