These proceedings contain 145 papers - 7 plenary lectures and 138 submitted papers selected for oral presentation. The plenary lectures include five overviews of vital research areas by highly respected researchers and two overviews of advances in the science and technology of catalysis made during the last 40 years. The first group explores the forces that drive innovation in catalysis, constrained geometry in metallocene olefin polymerization, characterization and design of oxide surfaces, photocatalysis, and factors required in the molecular design of catalysts. Two others are presented by researchers who attended the first ICC meeting 40 years ago and who have been substantive contributors to science and engineering developments that have occurred since then.

The proceedings differ from those published previously in two important ways. Firstly, the papers were published prior to the meeting for distribution to all delegates who attended the meeting in Baltimore. Secondly, none of the discussions at the meeting are included, which has the advantage of smaller size (only 2 volumes, less than 1,600 pages) which should make the books more attractive to libraries and other repositories of research literature. A CD-ROM, comprising all the material covered in the 2 volumes, is also included.

Table of Contents

Part A. Preface (J.W. Hightower). Plenary Lectures (5 papers). 40th Anniversary Lectures (2 papers). Catalysis on Carbides, Nitrides, and Sulfides (5 papers). General Papers (4 papers). Synthesis of Fine Chemicals (13 papers). Research on Model Catalysts (6 papers). Environmental Catalysis (4 papers). Oxidation of Methane (3 papers). Oxidation Catalysis (11 papers). Catalysis on Acids and Bases (10 papers). Environmental Analysis (10 papers). Part B. Catalysis on Zeolites and Microporous Solids (10 papers). Catalyst Characterization (13 papers). Catalyst Deactivation (3 papers). Oxidation Catalysis (10 papers). Catalysis on Metals (13 papers). General Papers (3 papers). Application of Theoretical Methods in Catalysis (4 papers). Catalyst Synthesis (10 papers). Synthesis Gas Conversion (6 papers). Author Index. Subject Index.


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@qu:This is a peer-reviewed selection of the papers originally submitted to this congress and represents a useful survey of current research in this field. @source:ASLIB Book Guide @qu:...Volume 101 of the Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis series is highly recommended. @source:Applied Catalysis