Strategic journal development with a personalized approach

Your society can benefit from Elsevier's ability to monitor, predict, and respond to the changing publishing landscape. The journal as we know it has evolved in recent years, not least due to technological advances that have transformed the way journal readers and users consume information and researchers  and clinicians access, share, and store their work.

We will work collaboratively with you to develop a strategic plan for your publications, which ensures we react appropriately to all market changes and realize your objectives. In particular, we can provide strategic advice and support on the ‘big’  issues in journal publishing, such as print to electronic migration, and publishing models (including open access).

Elsevier can advance a society’s publishing goals, while freeing up time for our partners to focus on mission-driven work.

Scale and market reach

  • World’s leading Scientific, Technical and Medical (STM) publisher with unrivalled global market penetration
  • 600+ STM society publishing partnerships

Strategic partnership approach

  • Complete Journal ownership and editorial control retained by the society
  • Long-standing society relationships
  • Personalized teams providing local support
  • Customized reporting

Quality of service

  • High-quality print production and design
  • Innovative electronic solutions
  • Collaborative marketing
  • Experienced in successfully transitioning journals

Business development

  • Long-term record of consistent revenue return to societies
  • Opportunities for further collaboration (beyond the Journals)