Issue 9

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Essential  Industry News

Beyond Europe: Exploring New Markets and Territories for European Associations
Many associations are operating in an increasingly global market, and some are considering opportunities to increase global reach, host events, partner with “sister” organizations, etc. Learn about the challenges facing these efforts and how to manage successfully.  
Source: European Society of Association Executives (ESAE)

Member Surveys and Beyond: What to Do With All That Data
Learn from an analytics professional about the three steps that will jumpstart your member analysis process using transactional and survey data. 
Source: American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)

Science includes a vast range of people. So why do we still have one stereotype?
How do we help others see researchers as “real people”? This woman’s story about educating young students on diversity in science shows just how much work needs to be done to break through the false stereotype.
Source: NatureBlogs

Preserving scholarly content in an era of internet insecurity
How can publishers and academic libraries work together on building stronger security?
Source: Elsevier

News from Elsevier

Elsevier and Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) release report on data sharing perceptions and practices among researchersStudy shows: 73% of researchers say that having access to other researchers’ data helps them in their own work; 34% do not publish their own data

CiteScore metrics updated with 2016 annual values
CiteScore metrics are part of a basket of metrics available in Scopus supporting a holistic view of research performance. They include journal-, author-, institutional- and article-level metrics. Check your journal’s CiteScore today!

Plum Analytics metrics are now available to more researchers
“Our aim is to help the academic community gain a deeper understanding of how their research is being used and communicated, and the impact it is having.” - Andrea Michalek, Managing Director of Plum Analytics

Chemistry research community now has a dedicated network on SSRN — ChemRN
After the success of the BioRN launch with nearly 5,000 biology research papers available from 6,500 authors, Elsevier has now launched ChemRN.

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