Issue 7

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Essential  Industry News

Will 'Gen Z' Be a Generation of Joiners?

In five years members of this generation will become a fifth of the workforce. Find out what you should know about them and if they are likely to become association joiners.
Source: Associations Now

Pressure to publish in India drives junk journal boom

An estimated 35% of papers published in "pay-to-publish" journals come from India. What is at the root of  this problem?
Source: Times Higher Education

Why We Need Scientists On Social Media, Now More Than Ever

A  trusted voice on social media is key to helping the public understand the  importance and impact of science.
Source: Fast Company

News from Elsevier

Plum Goes Orange – Elsevier Acquires Plum Analytics

Learn what this acquisition means for institutions and researchers, and the long-term implications for how altmetrics are utilized.

Research Elements video: Publish data, software, materials and methods in brief, citable articles

Explore the options available to authors who want to submit a data article alongside their original research manuscript.

Sharing journal articles

Our guide on how authors can responsibly share articles

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