Issue 6

Societies Update

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Industry Update

What Puts #seriousacademics Off Social Media?

Social media can be considered similar to a conference, a publication, a discussion group and a journals club. Learn how academics feel about this “new” method for sharing research.

If We Want to Improve Peer Review, We'll Need to Invest in Training

Many researchers want to peer review, but don’t know how to provide a quality review. Find out what challenges they face and the helpful advice that can guide and support them.

Chapter Restructuring: A Board’s Most Difficult Job?

How do you know when your association's chapter network is in need of repair? Find out what symptoms could be a cause for concern.

Updates from Elsevier

How Can Academic Societies Continue to Be Relevant?

We surveyed researchers and practitioners about how they view academic societies. Do they find good value and what are their expectations?

Brexit Resource Centre

Elsevier is providing free access to data, metrics and other resources to help monitor any effects of Brexit on the global research community.

Still Unleashing the Power of Sharing

Learn more about article sharing services from Elsevier and how they help increase access, usage and engagement of research.

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