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Elsevier’s Content Innovation program gives authors the opportunity to present their work in powerful new ways. Content Innovation features improve the way articles are presented by supporting new digital formats that are commonly used in modern-day research, or by adding valuable context to an article by connecting it with other resources on the web.

The Content Innovation program was developed in collaboration with hundreds of researchers to create subject-specific article features designed to enrich the article, optimize online presentation, and add useful context – all to help readers get the most out of your publication.

The program helps societies with providing additional value to their authors and readers, something that is further supported through the availability of key content innovations on the branded journal sites.

Our Head of Content Innovation, Hylke Koers, PhD, is responsible for overseeing these initiatives and, like many colleagues at Elsevier, has a research background which is a valuable asset when evaluating new developments.He explains: “We understand that you want to present the research that you’ve worked so hard on in an optimal way, and we help you do that.”

One example of a Content Innovation is the Interactive Plots Viewer (iPlots). Dr. Koers explains: “At one time or another many of us will have printed out a PDF containing a plot, then used a ruler to reconstruct the actual data points – an inaccurate and painstakingly inefficient process. We know that the author has the actual data, and we may assume that they are willing to share it (since it is presented in a plot) – but it’s the article format that makes sharing of the underlying data impossible. This is exactly the kind of limitation stemming back from the print era that we are determined to overcome with the Content Innovation program – and our answer for this particular problem has been to develop the Interactive Plots Viewer. Using this viewer, readers can hover over data points to see the actual value of the data as provided by the author, or download the full data set for re-use or reproduce some of the reported results.”

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What are our editors and authors are saying about Content Innovations?For the first time we can support our publications with high resolution whole slide scans this is a game changer." - Mark Lingen, DDS, PhD, Editor-in-Chief of the journal Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology and Oral Radiology, on the Virtual Microscope.

“In my research, I work a lot with geospatial data that I manage with geographical information tools. Uploading the KML files with my manuscript is less work than having to create images for all the data that I wish to present with my paper.” - Daniel Pastor Galan, PhD, postdoctoral fellow at Utrecht University on the Interactive Map Viewer.

If you would like to know more about Content Innovation, or have an idea for new innovation, contact your publisher to explore the possibilities. We are always happy to hear about great new ideas to help advance the scholarly article.