Issue 5

Societies Update

Welcome to the fifth issue of Elsevier's Societies Update!

As your publishing partner, one of our goals is to provide you with information, advice and support. We hope this newsletter, in addition to the ongoing support you receive from your Elsevier Publisher, provides you with insight into key issues impacting the publishing industry today, such as new ways users consume information, and emerging publishing models.

Industry Update

4 Steps to Achieving Global Partnerships

Know yourself and understand your potential partners to advance your goals

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Creating A Social Media Strategy

Before you spend lots of time and money, make sure you answer these questions

Scientific Research Needs More Funding, But Also Smarter Spending

Contributors to wasteful spending, such as poor study design and execution, limit the effectiveness of research spend

Updates from Elsevier

Content Innovation - Enrich Your Article

Learn how Elsevier is bringing research publications to life

Zika Virus Resource Center

Free access to medical research, online tools and expert advice on the Zika virus

5 biologists to receive Elsevier Foundation Awards for Women in Science at #AAASmtg

Annual award recognizes early-career researchers from developing countries

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