Elsevier launches a free online training platform for researchers

We are committed to supporting your society members in advancing their publishing career. Researchers today need to be the ultimate multitaskers as they face increasingly complex challenges. Very often we hear from researchers that access to training can be extremely difficult and knowing how to make the right decisions for their career path is of growing concern.

In response to this, Elsevier has launched the Publishing Campus – a free and open online training and advice center that gives your society members access to online lectures, interactive training courses and professional advice on a wide range of topics; from the fundamentals of publishing and successful grant writing to career guidance and research solutions.

Publishing Campus

Hannah Foreman, Head of Researcher Relations at Elsevier, is behind the project. “With the Elsevier Publishing Campus, we want to give researchers the skills and knowledge they need to publish a world class journal article or book proposal, write a successful grant application, understand the dynamics of a good review and ultimately succeed on their chosen career path,” she explains.  “They’ve never needed these skills more than today! Among other challenges, researchers of today need to secure funding, collaborate internationally, share data, publish results, commercialize research and demonstrate impact. Early career researchers in particular are under significant pressure, and we want to support them. My hope is that the Elsevier Publishing Campus will be the place they visit to develop their skills and take a bit of that pressure off.”

What your members can expect

The Campus is made up of a series of ‘Colleges’. Each College offers a variety of training, information and tools to support research and career development. For every module or seminar completed, researchers will be awarded a personalized Elsevier certificate in recognition of their efforts.

Certificate of Completion

An example of the certificate researchers will receive.

Take a tour of the Publishing Campus

We offer supporting material to help you spread the word about the Campus, please feel free to utilize the web banners on your own website or send out an email to your members to ensure they can take advantage of this free resource. If you are interested in a more integrated solution please contact publishingcampus@elsevier.com.