My Research Dashboard – an impactful new service for you and your members!

Whether your members are working towards a promotion or are applying for research funding, understanding the impact of their research is an incredibly useful asset.

Elsevier has combined and improved upon its CiteAlert and Article Usage Report tools with the creation of My Research Dashboard. Any author who has published at least one article in a journal published by Elsevier can register for a free and personalized dashboard. The data feeding the dashboard comes from Scopus, ScienceDirect, Mendeley, and Newsflo. Elsevier acquired Newsflo, a media monitoring service, in January 2015. Newsflo shows authors where their research is being talked about in the media.

My Research Dashboard shows download activity, shares, citations, demographic data about who is reading your research, and how and where your publications are being discovered.

Researcher Dashboard-shot

How to access your own personal Dashboard:

  1. Go to:
  2. Register to the application or sign in with your Scopus or ScienceDirect credentials
  3. Select your name from a dropdown list
  4. You will then be notified that an email invite containing a link to your own dashboard has been sent to your email address (the same email address you used when registering)

After you register you will have unlimited access to your personal Dashboard, which can be viewed only by you. The Dashboard provides instructions and tips for sharing the results and publications with your peers via email or designated social media buttons, should you wish to do so.

Once you have accessed the Dashboard for the first time, you'll receive a monthly email to notify you about updated metrics. New publications will be added automatically as you publish them, and your Dashboard will be updated as new data become available.

My Research Dashboard is one of the first fruits of Elsevier’s ROS (Research Operating System) initiative – a drive to combine data from our platforms and create tools and services for researchers that help them be in control of information, make valuable connections and deliver higher quality research. My Research Dashboard is a proof point of the value Elsevier creates by bringing together our unique strengths in content, technology and researcher networks.

Check out this short video to learn more. Share this with your members so they can start taking advantage of this new, free Elsevier service!

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