Issue 4

Societies Update

Welcome to the fourth issue of Elsevier's Societies Update!

As your publishing partner, one of our goals is to provide you with information, advice and support. We hope this newsletter, in addition to the ongoing support you receive from your Elsevier Publisher, provides you with insight into key issues impacting the publishing industry today, such as new ways users consume information, and emerging publishing models.

News & Insights

The secret benefits of ditching paper at events

Learn about all the options to consider if you’re going e-only at your next conference

A social world: society membership, social and economic rewards and human behavior

Find out what truly motivates members to participate, interact, and take your mission forward

Interdisciplinary research: How do 9 nations compare?

See how leading research nations compare in interdisciplinary research 

What to believe in the new world of open access publishing

You may not trust everything you read, but consider this…

A Few Updates from Elsevier

My Research Dashboard is a researcher’s new best friend

Whether your members are working towards a promotion or are applying for research funding, understanding the impact of their research – within days of publication – is an incredibly useful asset

How your organization can leverage Mendeley

In addition to the standard reference management functionalities, learn how your organization can use Mendeley as an active collaboration research network

Take a stroll on Publishing Campus!

Free online training platform for researchers -- give your society members access to online lectures, interactive training courses and professional advice

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