Issue 2

Societies Update

Welcome to the second issue of Elsevier's Societies Update!

As your publishing partner, one of our goals is to provide you with information, advice and support. We hope this newsletter, in addition to the ongoing support you receive from your Elsevier Publisher, provides you with insight into key issues impacting the publishing industry today, such as new ways users consume information, and emerging publishing models.

Society Partner Spotlight

FEBS Open Bio

FEBS Open Bio – an open access journal success story!

Elsevier and the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS) partnered in 2011 to launch an open access journal, FEBS Open Bio. Learn about the shared goals, challenges, and how the journal is progressing today.

News & Insights

The 10 e's of publishing's future publishing future

Speakers at the Society of Young Publishers Conference (#SYPC13) give next generation of publishers a sense of the upcoming challenges in the industry. Youngsuk "YS" Chi, Chairman of Elsevier and President of the International Publishers Association discussed how these changes are affecting publishing.

2013 Association Publishing Survey survey

The survey sample of 1,000 was selected by Access Intelligence and Readex Research and included FOLIO: recipients classified with association publishing as their company's primary focus. According to the survey, some association publishers reported increases in membership and staffing; publication consolidation/new delivery formats; steady revenues and a promising picture for association-sponsored events.

The Habits of Highly Effective Boards

Great board performance doesn't happen by mistake. Qualities like strategic orientation and a culture of accountability are common among the best. Find out what the highest-performing boards can tell us about good governance.

A Few Updates from Elsevier

Social media for scientists—including the shy, overcommitted and unconvincedsocial media

You may not directly engage with social media personally or professionally, but it is already integrating with tools you likely already use. And, these social media elements might be more useful than you think.

How you can use social media professionally

Hear Dr. J. Martin Leland III, MD, Associate Editor of Technology for Arthroscopy: The Journal of Arthroscopy and Related Surgery and Arthroscopy Techniques talk about the challenges he's faced and lessons learned about using social media to enhance the journal experience. Also, check out the tips and practical advice in Elsevier's social media guide for Editors.

3 pilot programs support and recognize Elsevier Reviewer Recognitionpeer reviewers

Check out the new experiments being launched by Elsevier aimed at helping journals retain and reward reviewers. Reward badges, an improved Article Transfer Service, and Mendeley's collaborative features and more…