Issue 10

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Essential Industry News

How to Attract and Grow Member Influencers

Engage your most committed members on social media to increase the awareness of your organization's most valued benefits, and gain interest of potential new members.

Source: AssociationsNow

Social Broadcasting for Associations

Live streaming content has become more accessible via smartphones, apps, etc. Learn how to use live stream technology to increase engagement and bring more value to partners, members and sponsors.

Source: European Society of Association Executives (ESAE)

Innovation Requires Capabilities, Not Just Culture

Find out why association leaders need to find a balance between creating an "innovative culture" and one that includes a plan to actually create opportunities for staff to build their capabilities.

Source: American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)

How to drive public engagement with your article: introducing the new Sense about Science guide

Check out this practical handbook that helps researchers and other partners to enlist the feedback of the public on complex issues.

Source: ElsevierConnect/Sense about Science

News from Elsevier

How research sharing networks are shaping a new generation of entrepreneurs

"If you have 30 or 40 people dumping their notes into a repository, it's no better than Google. What you need is some way to break down information into categories, discuss notes and ideas, so that you can flick through and browse." - Industry Fellow, Duncan Casey, PhD

Brexit Resource Centre

Free access to research, data and analysis to help you monitor any effects of Brexit on the global research community.

Using the ScienceDirect API to increase visibility and access to research articles

Learn how a university found a way to better identify faculty authors and improve access to their own research.

Joe Biden: "Your work will bring hope to millions of people"

At the UN, the former VP recognizes The Lancet Oncology Commission and Elsevier for their contributions to the Cancer Moonshot initiative.