Issue 1

Societies Update

Welcome to the first issue of Elsevier's Societies Update!

As your publishing partner, one of our goals is to provide you with information, advice and support. We hope this newsletter, in addition to the ongoing support you receive from your Elsevier Publisher, provides you with insight into key issues impacting the publishing industry today, such as new ways  users consume information, and emerging publishing models.

A Few Updates from Elsevier

Nigel Clear

Scientific conferences remain in high demand despite online alternatives

Nigel Clear, Executive Director of Conferences for Elsevier, reports that the conference business is very much alive. A recent survey shows that 48% of respondents said they intended to release their research findings via a conference or poster session in the year ahead.

Redefining impact: Get credit for ALL your scholarly work

William Gunn, Head of Academic Outreach at Mendeley discusses how the Web – and altmetrics – present new opportunities for assessing new types of scholarly output.

CrossMark 'Is this research paper up-to-date?' New logo will tell you

Interactive CrossMark logo directs researchers to current versions.

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Journal upgrade

Elsevier upgrading journal-branded websites for readers and editors

Patrick Crisfulla, VP of Digital Journal Products at Elsevier, announces a new upgrade to the Health Advance platform for journals, including improved search accuracy, categorization tools for editors, and a high quality mobile-reading experience.

Open Access

Open Access

Elsevier offers a range of publishing solutions for societies who would like to offer their journal authors the opportunity to publish open access (where content is made available for all to access free of charge). We are pleased to provide strategic advice based on our experience in launching a range  of full open access journals, as well as implementing open access options for a number of our existing society partner journals.

6 ways to find Elsevier's open access content

A brief guide to discovering open access journals and articles on ScienceDirect.

EthicsEthics in Research and Publication

Check out this valuable resource for authors, reviewers, editors and Societies alike, especially those new to the process!