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As your publishing partner, one of our goals is to provide you with information, advice and support. We hope this newsletter, in addition to the ongoing support you receive from your Elsevier Publisher, provides you with insight into key issues impacting the publishing industry today, such as new ways users consume information, and emerging publishing models.

Latest Issue

Exploring new markets and territories for European Associations; Member Surveys - what to do with all that data; Scientist stereotypes; Preserving scholarly content in an era of internet insecurity; Data sharing perceptions and practices among researchers; CiteScore metrics; Plum Analytics metrics now available to more researchers; Community-driven network for chemistry researchers - Read More

Issue #8

Hot topics at the SSP meeting; listening to members; exposing peer review; Gender & Science Resource Center; Informatics and Technology PROSE awards, user experience savvy behind SciVal
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Issue #7

Generation Z - are they joiners?; pressure to publish in India; why we need scientists on social media; Elsevier acquires Plum Analytics; Research Elements; sharing journal articles responsibly
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Issue #6

Academics using social media; peer review training; identifying the need for chapter restructuring; the relevance of academic societies; Elsevier’s Brexit Resource Centre; the power of sharing research.
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Issue #5

Achieving global partnerships; creating a social media strategy; smarter spending for research funding; content innovations; Zika virus resource center; awards for women in science.
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Issue #4

Going e-only at your events; motivating your members; comparing research output of leading nations; open access – what to believe
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Issue #3

Stay ahead of the curve – guidance on industry trends; what’s your engagement KPI?; fast-growing medical/healthcare apps; how Elsevier is helping post-docs
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Issue #2

10 “e’s” of publishing’s future; habits of highly effective boards; social media for scientists; peer reviewer recognition programs
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Issue #1

Conferences still popular; getting credit for your scholarly work; journal-branded web sites; advice on ethics in research and publication
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