Nursing: Top Read Society Journal Articles Collection 2016-2017

To celebrate some of our most popular articles published in the Elsevier Nursing society journals over the last year, we've collated our most downloaded articles for you to explore and enjoy.

All articles are free to read until September 2017.


American Journal of Infection Control

Evidence-based practices to increase hand hygiene compliance in health care facilities: An integrated review
Jun Rong Jeffrey Neo, Rana Sagha-Zadeh, Ole Vielemeyer, Ella Franklin

A systematic approach for developing a ventilator-associated pneumonia prevention bundle
Kathleen Speck, Nishi Rawat, Noah C. Weiner, Haddis G. Tujuba, Donna Farley, Sean Berenholtz

The impact of implementing multifaceted interventions on the prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia
Raymond Khan, Hasan M. Al-Dorzi, Khalid Al-Attas, Faisal Wali Ahmed, Abdellatif M. Marini, Shihab Mundekkadan, Hanan H. Balkhy, Joseph Tannous, Adel Almesnad, Dianne Mannion, Hani M. Tamim, Yaseen M. Arabi


Clinical Simulation in Nursing

Mental Health Clinical Simulation: Therapeutic Communication
Carolyn Thompson Martin, Neelam Chanda

High-Fidelity Simulation in Undergraduate Nursing Education: A Review of Simulation Reviews
Jessica Doolen, Bette Mariani, Teresa Atz, Trisha Leann Horsley, Jennifer O' Rourke, Kelley McAfee, Chad L. Cross

Expert Role Modeling Effect on Novice Nursing Students' Clinical Judgment
Cathy Coram


Journal of Emergency Nursing

Emergency Nurses' Perspectives: Factors Affecting Caring
Carol L. Enns, Jo-Ann V. Sawatzky

Shared Governance and Work Engagement in Emergency Nurses
Jennifer Siller, Mary A. Dolansky, Joanne T. Clavelle, Joyce J. Fitzpatrick

Pivot Nursing: An Alternative to Traditional ED Triage
Maria Christensen, Mark Rosenberg, Eileen Mahon, Sharon Pineda, Eva Rojas, Victoria Soque, Mary L. Johansen


Journal of Nursing Regulation

National Guidelines for Nursing Delegation
National Council of State Boards of Nursing

The ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses With Interpretive Statements: Resource for Nursing Regulation
Linda L. Olson, Felicia Stokes

A Changing Environment: 2016 NCSBN Environmental Scan
National Council of State Boards of Nursing


Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic & Neonatal Nursing

Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing, an Essential Framework for Maternal–Newborn Nursing
Carol Sakala, Amy M. Romano, Sarah J. Buckley

Importance of the Birth Environment to Support Physiologic Birth
Mary Ann Stark, Marshe Remynse, Elaine Zwelling

Oral Health in Pregnancy
Erin Hartnett, Judith Haber, Barbara Krainovich-Miller, Abigail Bella, Anna Vasilyeva, Julia Lange Kessler


Journal of Pediatric Health Care

Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors: Where to Begin
Kimberly A. Ciaccia, Rita Marie John

Clinical Practice Guideline for the Treatment of Pediatric Acute Gastroenteritis in the Outpatient Setting
Rebecca A. Carson, Shawna S. Mudd, P. Jamil Madati

Parental Refusal of the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine
Frances DiAnna Kinder


Journal of Professional Nursing

Setting the Stage for Success: Mentoring and Leadership Development
Patricia A. Tabloski

Holistic Admissions in Nursing: We Can Do This
Greer Glazer, Angela Clark, Karen Bankston, Jennifer Danek, Malika Fair, Julia Michaels

Factors Associated With Stress Among Second Year Student Nurses During Clinical Training in Jamaica
Marleise McBean Graham, Jascinth Lindo, Venise D. Bryan, Steve Weaver


Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care

Building Trust and Relationships Between Patients and Providers: An Essential Complement to Health Literacy in HIV Care
Carol Dawson-Rose, Yvette P. Cuca, Allison R. Webel, Solymar S. Solís Báez, William L. Holzemer, Marta Rivero-Méndez, Lucille Sanzero Eller, Paula Reid, Mallory O. Johnson, Jeanne Kemppainen, Darcel Reyes, Kathleen Nokes, Patrice K. Nicholas, Ellah Matshediso, Keitshokile Dintle Mogobe, Motshedisi B. Sabone, Esther I. Ntsayagae, Sheila Shaibu, Inge B. Corless, Dean Wantland, Teri Lindgren, et al.

Pill Burden Influences the Association Between Time-Based Prospective Memory and Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence in Younger But Not Older HIV-Infected Adults
David P. Sheppard, Erica Weber, Kaitlin B. Casaletto, Gunes Avci, Steven Paul Woods, The HIV Neurobehavioral Research Program (HNRP) Group

Identifying the Gaps: An Assessment of Nurses' Training, Competency, and Practice in HIV Care and Treatment in Kenya
Janel Smith, Doris N. Odera, Duncan Chege, Esther N. Muigai, Padmaja Patnaik, Susan Michaels-Strasser, Andrea A. Howard, Janette Yu-Shears, Jennifer Dohrn


Journal of Vascular Nursing

Nursing interventions in stroke care delivery: An evidence-based clinical review
Dimitrios Theofanidis, Bernard Gibbon

All about compression: A literature review
Magali Rezende de Carvalho, Isabelle Silveira de Andrade, Alcione Matos de Abreu, Andrea Pinto Leite Ribeiro, Bruno Utzeri Peixoto, Beatriz Guitton Renaud Baptista de Oliveira

Smoking: A risk factor for vascular disease
Phyllis Gordon, Patty Flanagan


Nurse Leader

Aligning Healthcare Safety and Quality Competencies: Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN), The Joint Commission, and American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Magnet® Standards Crosswalk
Giancarlo Lyle-Edrosolo, KT Waxman

Evidence-Based Nursing Practice: The PEACE Framework
Hussein M. Tahan, Reynaldo R. Rivera, Eileen J. Carter, Kelly A. Gallagher, Joyce J. Fitzpatrick, Wilhelmina M. Manzano

Shared Governance: A Success Story
Patti Bieber, Hilary Joachim


Nursing for Women's Health

Implementing a Protocol Using Glucose Gel to Treat Neonatal Hypoglycemia
Catherine Bennett, Elyse Fagan, Edwin Chaharbakhshi, Ina Zamfirova, Jai Flicker

Using Skin-to-Skin Contact to Increase Exclusive Breastfeeding at a Military Medical Center
Kimberly N. Hughes, Jann Rodriguez-Carter, Jennifer Hill, Dena Miller, Crystal Gomez

Hypothyroidism in Women
Donna Dunn, Carla Turner