Open Peer-Review Reports


Experimenting with a new form of peer-review.

In December 2011 the journal Agricultural and Forest Meteorology will start a pilot study to test a potential improvement to the peer review system. The idea is to publish the review reports, the names of the reviewers (if we have their permission to do so) and the originally submitted manuscript as supplementary material to the published article on ScienceDirect. With this new form of peer-review, we wish to publicly acknowledge the intellectual contributions of the reviewers to the reviewed article. We also hope that it will enhance the quality of the reviews, attract good reviewers for the journal, and demonstrate multiple perspectives on the quality of the reported study. The following changes will be implemented to the manuscript handling process:

  • At submission: authors are informed that the review reports will be published as supplementary data to their article once accepted for publication;
  • At invitation: reviewers are informed that –only after acceptance of the article- their review report will be published as supplementary data to the article;
  • Reviewers can indicate whether their name can be revealed and listed as the "author" of the review report;
  • Only when the review reports meet the criteria for publication (wellwritten, constructive), will the review reports be available from the online article on ScienceDirect.

Xuhui Lee