Transfer Manager

Helping you find the ideal home for your manuscript

What is Transfer Manager?

Often, the reason a manuscript is not accepted for publication has little to do with the quality of the research – it’s simply because the paper isn’t the right fit for the journal.

That’s where Transfer Manager comes in.

Drawing on their deep subject matter expertise and knowledge of the niche journals, editors assess your manuscript and recommend a list of titles they feel are a perfect match for your manuscript.


How does Transfer Manager work?

Step 1

On invitation, you submit your manuscript to be assessed for compatibility with other journals.

Step 2

Drawing on their knowledge and experience, editors swiftly identify the best-matching journal for your manuscript.

Step 3

When editors identify one or more prospective journals, they contact you with the details - usually within 48 hours.

Step 4

If you accept one of their recommendations, you follow a quick and easy submission process.


What are the five key benefits of Transfer Manager for authors?

accepted manuscript

Transfer Manager increases your chances of publication success

Editors who are experts in your field of research carefully match your paper with journals, boosting your chances of success. Although there are no guarantees that the recommended journals will accept your manuscript, expert matching significantly improves your chances of acceptance in the suggested journals.


Your Transfer Manager recommendation(s) are carefully chosen for you by an expert in the field

Leveraging their knowledge of your discipline and journals published by Elsevier, our editors quickly identify titles suitable for your manuscript – usually within 48 hours.


Transfer Manager removes the stress of finding another journal to submit to

Our editors do the hard work for you.


Transfer Manager saves you valuable time

Not only do you skip the journal-finding stage, you also avoid the usual resubmission requirements, like reformatting your paper. In addition, any associated peer review reports and editor comments are transferred along with your manuscript.

authors choice

Transfer Manager puts the power in your hands

The titles our editors select are recommendations only – you decide whether to accept their suggestion(s).

Transfer Manager: Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

If you receive an email invitation to use Transfer Manager, simply accept the offer to "transfer" your manuscript to Transfer Manager, and follow the instructions provided to complete the submission. Your manuscript will be assigned to a specialist editor who will then examine your paper and make a recommendation(s).

If an editor identifies one or more journals they think would be suitable for your manuscript, they send you an email. All you have to do is follow the steps outlined in that message.

Nothing will happen – the editor will take no further action and you will be welcome to submit your manuscript to an alternative journal of your choice.

Our editors carefully consider all the journals available before sending you their recommendations, so it’s unlikely they will have alternative options to offer. However, if you have additional information you think might influence their selection, you are welcome to share them with the editor.

No, only authors who have been invited to transfer their manuscript by the editor of a participating journal can use the service.

No, it’s a free service to help our authors find the best fit for their manuscript so they can get their work published.

Not at this moment in time (although it may be something we consider in the future). If you are looking for a journal to submit to, we recommend using Elsevier’s Journal Finder tool, which uses smart search technology and field-of-research specific vocabularies to match journals to your manuscript.

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