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Authors' Update
Authors' Update is an online resource to keep current and future journal authors in touch with the latest industry and Elsevier developments. It also provides information on the support and training available to you. The comment function at the bottom of each article provides a valuable forum for you to share your views, stories or examples of best practice with your peers. Authors' Update follows an article-based publishing model. Each quarter, these articles are gathered together in an email alert that we send to subscribers: Sign up now.

Social media
Elsevier's many social media channels keep you informed of what’s happening in your field, and help you network with your peers. Follow or like our pages for the latest news, including calls for papers, new appointments and exciting research.

Elsevier Health e-Alerts
The free Health Sciences email information service from Elsevier, with information on new products, special offers and promotions relevant to your selected area(s) of interest. Subject areas include Dentistry, Health Professionals, Medicine, Nursing and Veterinary. Visit the e-Alert Center to manage your communications.

ScienceDirect Alerts
ScienceDirect Alerts are email notifications of new content. To set up alerts and manage your preferences, visit My Alerts

  • Search Alerts notify you when a stored search retrieves new results
  • Volume/Issue Alerts notify you when new issues of selected journals are available
  • Topic Alerts notify you when new articles pertaining to a specific topic are available
  • Top 25 Alerts notify you of the top 25 hottest articles across all subject areas, or in your areas of your interest

Scopus Alerts
Scopus Alerts are email notifications of new content. These alerts are also available in a mobile application. To set up alerts and manage your preferences, visit My Alerts

  • Search Alerts notify you each time a saved search renders new results
  • Author Citation Alerts notify you when a document by one of your selected authors is cited
  • Document Citation Alerts notify you when one of your selected document is cited

Check out Mendeley

Mendeley is a global collaboration platform that makes your life easier by helping you organize your papers, citations and references, accessing them in the cloud on any device, wherever you are. Try it today!

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Valuing your feedback

The Author Feedback Programme is a continuous survey of authors' experience of publishing with Elsevier. Corresponding authors of recently published articles are invited to answer questions about their publishing experience, providing insights into what authors think about Elsevier’s journals and the support they receive.

The Programme has been running since 1999, and more than 60,000 authors complete the survey every year.

Feedback leads to change

We take author feedback very seriously. We have made many changes to our services as a result of authors’ feedback, and we are dedicated to continuous improvement.

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Improving publication time

"I was dismayed when after the rapid review, revision, acceptance, proof page, and online publication, that the actual article was delayed for so long."

Improving the submission process

"I am not sure I agree with the fact that a large number of manuscripts simply don't get reviewed. From an author's standpoint, it is a waste of time to submit to such a Journal because even if the paper is rejected from other journals, at the very least, we are able to get peer-review comments."

We launched the complimentary Article Transfer Service to tackle this problem. If a paper is out of scope, the editor can recommend it for another journal. The author can then choose whether to transfer their manuscript, without having to reformat or resubmit.

Improving journal matching

"Finding an appropriate journal is a challenge for me, I would suggest a system can help on this."

Journal Finder responds to this problem by helping authors match their article to the most relevant Elsevier journals, using the title and abstract. The tool provides authors with key information about the relevant journals, enabling them to make an informed decision about where to submit.

Improving article structure and expanding content

"I would love if Elsevier would start publishing graphical abstracts…. I think graphical abstracts are more helpful than written abstract."

Most journals now accept Graphical Abstracts, which summarize articles in a concise, image-based format, designed to engage a wide readership online. It would be nice to put online the data used in manuscripts.

All articles on ScienceDirect are now under a new revolutionary three-pane format – a result of the Article of the Future project. The format is more dynamic, making content and data more accessible, featuring apps that enrich the content of an article.