User tips

Quick tips

  • Double-clicking on a word does not select the word as in word processors.
  • All hyperlinks will have to be double-clicked on to get to the hyperlinked content.
  • To insert special characters, use CharMap (Windows), Character Palette (Macintosh).
  • 'Edit Summary' does not list the attachments provided.
  • Complex editing in tables like merging cells, adding/deleting rows, columns, etc. cannot be performed. These are best provided as instructions.
  • To instruct on the layout of the article, use the View Page Proof link in the Reference Region and provide the instructions using the Instruct dialog in the Toolbox Region.

Browser tips

  • In Internet Explorer (IE), equations may not get displayed and an error titled 'Math Processing Error' may appear. This happens when IE is opened with add-ons disabled. To run Internet Explorer normally (with add-ons turned on), select Internet Explorer on the Start menu and do not click Internet Explorer (No Add-ons). Now the equations will get displayed. For more details, refer to
  • In Internet Explorer (IE), on clicking 'Generate Report' or the 'View Page Proof' link, the message 'To help protect your security, Internet Explorer blocked this site from downloading files from your computer. 'Click here for options...' might appear. The user has to click 'Download file' in order to open the report or the proof. Then again click, 'Generate Report' or the 'View Page Proof' link.

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