Article Updates

Article Updates is a application developed to support evolving articles. This article type is introduced by Elsevier’s Epidemics Journal.

Very often a primary paper that models the disease progression is submitted and published quickly using primary data. But as the outbreak progresses, the model needs to be updated and the primary article gets outdated.

This application allows peer reviewed updates to be added to the primary article in a time stamped manner.

  • All accepted updates are listed in the chronological order next to the primary article on ScienceDirect.
  • Updates can be downloaded separately, one by one, or all together as a single PDF file.
  • It is also possible to download a selected subset of the most relevant updates

Example of an article featuring updates:

Article Updates Types

There are two types of updates possible:

  • Data update is a short communication that contains a maximum of three pieces of data (e.g., image or table).
  • Commentary update is a short opinion piece.

Detailed information on how to submit an article update can be found at Evolving Articles.

Article Updates Application

If you are interested in this concept or wish to provide feedback please get in touch.