DataLink lowers the barriers for genetics and genomics researchers to find and share data by providing a one stop tool to search, visualize, cite, and write about data. This multi-functional platform provides tools that will help streamline your research, as well as structure your data citations and Data in Brief article composition. Discover what your peers in Genetics and Genomics are publishing and depositing!


DataLink is designed to help facilitate genomic data discovery. The platform narrows the search providing access to data sets deposited in all of the major public databases and articles indexed in leading archives. The search results on this platform are curated and formatted, keeping the preparation for writing an article in mind. This ensures the discovery of the most relevant results for the publication process. With the DataLink Application you can directly search for your research related data while you’re reading on ScienceDirect. This feature is available for Elsevier’s Genetics and Genomics journals. 

The supported databases for discovery include:

DataLink also searches for related published articles on:


Visualize genomic datasets you’ve discovered in your search. You can export an image of the portion of the genome you’re particularly interested in directly to your draft data article, or download the image to your desktop.  You can also export the data citation for the genome directly to your data article.

In addition, you can preview how your phylogenetic tree data will be visualized inside the data article. On DataLink, you can upload your data in the Newick format which will show how it will be visualized and allow you to explore the interactivity. The preview is shown exactly in the same way as it will appear once the article is published online in the Genomics Data journal on ScienceDirect.  Or you can export visualized tree data as images into your draft data article.

Supported Data Visualizations on DataLink


Format and structure data citations easily onDataLink.Select the data item and DataLink will generate the citation formatted in the correct style. This automated function formats citations according to the uniform standards recommended by FORCE11.  Export references easily to a Word file or link it directly to the data article writing tool.

DataLink Cite


DataLink also functions as a data article writing tool. The interactive tool takes you through all the steps needed to write a data article about your genomic data, including curating your data and literature reference lists. Through DataLink it is possible to submit Data in Brief articles directly to Genomics Data. The DataLink writing tool creates a data article customized and structured according to the journal's requirements.

DataLink write

DataLink is designed to help facilitate data discovery, data citation, and the dissemination of research through peer reviewed journal publications: all in one place!

The DataLink platform was developed in collaboration with Kitware SAS.

About Genomics Data

Genomics Data is an open access journal that considers articles on all aspects of genome-scale analysis:

  1. Limited only to nucleic acids analysis
  2. Microarray and Next-Gen Sequencing data
  3. All organisms

The journal has a focus on its signature Data in Brief articles:

  • Thoroughly describe data, facilitating reproducibility.
  • Make deposited genomic data easier to find.
  • Increase traffic towards associated research articles and data, leading to more citations.
  • Open up doors for new collaborations.

Data in Brief articles are freely available in Genomics Data on ScienceDirect.

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