Interactive Questions

About Interactive Questions

Interactive Questions (previously known as Interactive Case Insights) transform the traditional article or case report an engaging learning and self-assessment experience.

Interactive Questions provide authors and readers with many benefits. They:

  • Enable authors to enrich and extend their article by adding test/self-assessment questions
  • Provides users with an interactive integrated learning experience, with no need for special software or plugins
  • Maximize the educational value of articles and case reports
  • Enable authors to prepare test questions using an easy-to-use tool, and submit via the standard online system

Interactive Questions consist of author prepared multiple-choice questions (text only, or supplemented with images) that enhance conventional articles or case reports. The test questions are available alongside the online article, enabling an integrated, interactive learning experience.

Example Articles

Author Instructions


If you are submitting to a supported journal, you will be invited to submit test questions along with your manuscript. You can use the online authoring system to create your test questions. The system does not require a user id or password. Simply save the questions in your preferred location. Files will be stored in PDF format.


You can submit your questions for Interactive Questions along with your manuscript or manuscript revisions, via the online submission system.

Reviewer Instructions

Instructions are included in the reviewer invitation letter.

Reviewers will find PDF files associated with Interactive Questions in the supplementary material submitted with the manuscript, and additionally the Interactive Questions will be included in the PDF manuscript preview.

For more information, read the general reviewer instructions.