Reviewing Article Enrichments

Authors can enrich their article with interactive data visualizations and links to data repositories. They can do so by:

  • uploading additional files with their manuscript that will be visualized online
  • including database accession numbers in their manuscript, which enable data feeds from related databases.

You can therefore expect to find data visualization files with manuscripts you receive for review. Also, they may contain database accession numbers.

Database accession numbers

Authors are asked to include database accession numbers according to the instructions on database linking.

Inspecting data visualization files

On EES, links to data visualization files and information on their type can be found in the supplementary materials section, at the end of the PDF containing the manuscript. For journals on EVISE, the Reviewer PDF will indicate the presence and type of data visualization files. You can download the files from the system. For certain types, preview tools are available, allowing you to inspect how files will display on ScienceDirect if the manuscript is accepted.

Please click the links below to access these tools directly.

For other data visualizations, there may be other ways of inspecting the files.

The table below indicates which file types are displayed in which visualization application.

ApplicationFile TypePart of .ZIP?
3D OBJ/PLY & U3D Viewer.U3D, .PLY, .OBJ, .STL, .VTK, .STL, .JPG, .TIF, .BMP, .MTLYes
3D Viewer for Molecular Models and Crystallographic Data.PDB, .PSE, .MOL, .MOL2, .CIFPossibly
3D Neuroimaging Viewer.HDR, .IMG, .NIIYes
Phylogenetic Trees.NEX, .NWK, .NEWNo (.NWK, .NEW); Yes (.NEX)
Cytoscape Interactive Networks Viewer.JSON, .CYJSYes
Reaxys Chemical Compound Viewer.MOLNo
Geospatial data.KML, .KMZNo
MATLAB Figure Viewer.FIGNo
Interactive Plot Viewer.CSVNo
Interactive Questions .PDFNo
Data Profile.XMLNo