R Code Viewer

About the R Code Viewer

The R Code Viewer presents computer code in the “R” language, together with any relevant data files, next to the article on ScienceDirect.

The R Code Viewer provides authors and readers with many benefits. It:

  • Enables authors to highlight their code and data files alongside their article
  • Lets readers quickly jump from the code to any relevant data sets
  • Offers syntax highlighting for efficient inspection of the code
  • Enables readers to downloaded files for further re-use, or to help reproduce findings reported in the article

“R” is a programming language for statistical computing, analysis and visualization. It is a GNU project, and the source code for the R software environment is freely available under the GNU General Public License. For more information, please see Wikipedia.

The R Code Viewer was launched in pilot mode in March 2015, and is now available for selected journals.

Example Articles

Author Instructions


All R code and data files should be part of a single ZIP file. This means the code and data files that depend on each other will be stored and made available together. R code should be saved as a plain text file.


In your manuscript, you can indicate where you want the material to appear in the article, for example, by writing ‘R-File1 here’.

You can submit your R code and related datasets as supplementary material with your manuscript.

Reviewer Instructions

Reviewers will find R files associated with the R Code Viewer in the supplementary material submitted with the manuscript.

  • EES: the files can be downloaded via links on the final pages of the reviewer PDF
  • EVISE: the files can be downloaded directly from the system

For more information, read the general reviewer instructions.