PubChem Chemical Compound Viewer

About the PubChem Chemical Compound Viewer

The PubChem Chemical Compound Viewer displays relevant information from the NCBI PubChem Compound Database next to the article on ScienceDirect.

Benefits for authors and readers:

  • The PubChem Chemical Compound Viewer gives the reader quick and easy access to additional relevant information about the compounds mentioned in the article.
  • It enriches the article with relevant information; all authors need to do is list the compounds in their manuscript.

Example Articles

Author Instructions

  • Include a section called “Chemical compounds studied in this article” immediately below the Keywords section in your article
  • Include up to 10 chemical compounds in the section
  • Refer to obtain PubChem CIDs
  • Strictly follow this formatting, including brackets and semicolons:

Chemical compounds studied in this article
Ethylene glycol (PubChem CID: 174); Plitidepsin (PubChem CID: 44152164); Benzalkonium chloride (PubChem CID: 15865)

Reviewer Instructions

Reviewers do not need to review any additional files. They can encourage authors to indicate their compounds as instructed above.

For more information, read the general reviewer instructions.