Interactive MATLAB Figure Viewer

About the Interactive MATLAB Figure Viewer

The Interactive MATLAB Figure Viewer enables authors to include MATLAB figures with their articles. These figures contain experimental data, numerical results, visualizations through models, or other kinds of visual research output based on data.

The Interactive MATLAB Figure Viewer provides authors and readers with many benefits. It:

  • Enables authors to include MATLAB figures with their articles
  • Enables readers to view a figure at maximum accuracy at all levels of zoom and from all viewpoints
  • Enables readers to download the data for validation or re-use, if they have MATLAB installed

The Interactive MATLAB Figure Viewer makes use of MATLAB, a software program developed by The MathWorks, Inc.

Unfortunately, due to technical issues, MATLAB Viewers are currently not displaying in with articles on ScienceDirect. MATLAB figures can still be accepted and will be stored with articles to display as soon as the Viewer is back in operation.

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Author Instructions


The Interactive MATLAB Figure Viewer makes use of files in the FIG format. To create a FIG file for the Interactive MATLAB Figure Viewer, you will need the MATLAB software, which is made by The MathWorks, Inc.

The Interactive MATLAB Figure Viewer puts some limitations on FIG files. For example, it does not support GUI elements such as buttons that require user input. For more information about creating FIG files with MATLAB, please visit the MathWorks website.

Please note: this application incorporates software elements provided by The MathWorks, Inc., which Elsevier does not own. If you have any questions about these elements, please contact The MathWorks, Inc directly at 3 Apple Hill Drive, Natick, MA 01760-2098, UNITED STATES.


The Interactive MATLAB Figure Viewer puts some limitations to FIG files, so it’s essential to verify how your files will display online using the online validation tool (beta version).

If your file does not display online, you can alter it, or decide to make it available to ScienceDirect users for download.


Please submit your files along with your manuscript. In your manuscript, you can indicate where you want the visualization to appear, by writing for example 'File1.fig here'.

If your file looked correct when your previewed it, please use the option 'Interactive MATLAB Figure Viewer' in the dropdown menu.

If your file is not suitable for the viewer and did not display in the preview tool, you can make the file available for download to ScienceDirect users. In that case, please upload the file as 'MATLAB file (.fig, .m)'.

Reviewer Instructions

Reviewers will find FIG files associated with files for the MATLAB Interactive Figure Viewer in the supplementary material submitted with the manuscript. Reviewers can use the online validation tool (beta version) to inspect Interactive MATLAB Figure Viewer files during the review process.

  • EES: the files can be downloaded via links on the final pages of the reviewer PDF
  • EVISE: the files can be downloaded directly from the system

For more information, read the general reviewer instructions for Content Innovation.