Interactive Pathways

About the Interactive Pathway Viewer

The Interactive Pathway Viewer automatically displays interactive pathways next to articles on ScienceDirect.

Each article that has a pathway is processed automatically using MedScan for proteins, genes, chemical compounds, etc. These are converted into pathway diagrams based on their relationships.

The Interactive Pathway Viewer enables authors to enrich their articles with visual pathway information, without the need to submit additional files.
Benefits for authors and readers:

  • The pathways are automatically generated with no extra work from authors.
  • The application displays two types of pathway diagram:
    1. “Pathway” displays all interactions mentioned in the article, offering the reader a visual summary of the proteins, genes, chemical compounds and the relationships between them. This helps the reader assess quickly whether the article contains the subjects they are looking for.
    2. “Canonical Pathway” displays relevant interactions extracted from the Pathway Studio database. It shows readers the proteins, genes, chemical compounds and their relationships mentioned in the article in a broader context, helping readers explore related and relevant information.

The Interactive Pathway Viewer was developed in collaboration with the Elsevier's Pathway Studio team.

Example Articles