Interactive Networks

About Interactive Networks

The Interactive Networks Viewer is no longer active on ScienceDirect. You can still make your Cytoscape files available for download by including them with your article as supplementary material.

Elsevier and Cytoscape are collaborating to give authors a unique opportunity to publish interactive network diagrams next to their articles on ScienceDirect, in an interactive viewer.

The Cytoscape viewer provides authors and readers with great benefits. It:

  • Enables authors to enrich their articles with interactive network diagrams
  • Enables readers to explore networks interactively while reading the article

Example Articles

Author Instructions


When preparing your network visualization in Cytoscape, please note the following:

·  Make sure you’re running the latest Cytoscape (

·  Install the Science Direct app (

·  Make sure the node/edge table does not contain "id" columns.

·  Export the network as file

  • On the toolbar, choose the green SD button
  • Inspect the network that appears in the browser window
  • Click on the Export button
  • Supply an output file name and click OK to export your network


Please check how your files will display online before submitting.

Upload your files in the following web tool and you will see a preview on how your file displays in the ScienceDirect app.


In your manuscript, you can indicate where you want the material to appear in the article, for example, by writing ‘File1.cyjs here’.

Upload your .zip file to the online submission system along with your manuscript submission.

If your manuscript is published, the network will appear alongside your article on ScienceDirect.

Reviewer Instructions

Reviewers will find .cyjs and .json files  associated with Interactive Networks in the supplementary material submitted with the manuscript. More information can be found in the data repository

  • EES: the files can be downloaded via links on the final pages of the reviewer PDF
  • EVISE: the files can be downloaded directly from the system

For more information, read the general reviewer instructions for Content Innovation.